My daughter cannot live after CSA has taken money

February 8, 2011

This regards my unmarried daughter. she met her partner and set up home toghether, she was aware that he had 2 children from a marriage. They rented a property and she went into debt to furnish there home and started having the 2 children at weekends, taking them on holiday, buying clothes etc. My daughter then got pregnent and the following week the csa came calling. So now has had her baby and has gone back to work on a job share, the csa are taking 40% of there joint income and cannot live on what is left. My daughters nursery fee’s are not taken into account nor are the credit card debts, finance payments on car or the overdraft on bank accounts. After paying bills they have no money left for food or anything else. They dont drink or smoke. If it was not for grandparents the baby would not have clothes to wear.

I’ve advised they go for the goverment aided voluntry payment scheme but because they are not married i’m not sure if they would be excepted.


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  1. louise on May 25th, 2013 10:44 am

    Someone’s telling porkies.

    The CSA will take 20% for 2 non resident children, this will be taken from the non resident father, your daughter’s income will not be taken into account. Nor will their debts. It was their choice to spend beyond their means.

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