My CSA story, the CSA cover up

April 8, 2008

The CSA was ordered to close the case that they had going with me, and repay all of the money that I had paid through voluntary payments. After a new Appeal hearing they reopened the case and wanted all of the money that they had repaid me plus what had not been paid during the time that the case was closed. This is in the region of £18,000. During the time that the case was closed payments from a trust fund were made to the children’s mother for their upkeep some £16,000, the money that was paid back to me was taken by the Official Receiver as I was made bankrupt during the divorce, not uncommon! Thus the money that they had repaid me was gone. If the CSA had taken into account the money that was paid by the trust and tried to recover the money as they were advised so to do by the Official Receiver then there would be no arrears. On top of that they refuse to allow the money that I paid for housing costs for a period of 3 and a half years, this is now before the commission! The CSA would actually owe me somewhere between £10,000 to £12,000.

I just wounder how many parents with care would like to have had £16,000 on top of their benefit from the government!

At least the Legal Aid board wanted their money back.

The CSA put the case in the hands of the Criminal Compliance Team for all the good that this did, she got off with it scot free.

The system if fair, I think not. I am now fighting these people through the courts for all the good it will do, I have tried my MP but he is not really interested, but I will keep going and hopefully get justice!

Oh yes, I forgot they have also admitted liying in Court under oath, I heard somewhere that this is a criminal offence, but neither the police, the courts or the CSA will do anything about this, as it is and I quote “To difficult”. Just a compleat shambles and a cover up.