My CSA payments fund her new iPad

August 12, 2010

A small contribution to the ways that the CSA gets you

I had to admire the speed in which the CSA got money out of me despite my having given my ex, at her request, a lump sum of over 6 yrs payments as advance maintenance (monthly amount set in Consent Order) about a year ago – set her up in business so there is a clear link with supporting our 3 kids.

Despite the obvious con by my ex – she had large savings a year after I lent her the money which she suddenly spent on a new bathroom, new kitchen, new expensive TV, new laptop, new iPad etc and she called in the CSA the day the last bit of paint was dry – the CSA just washed their hands saying that they would only look at things occurring after she applied.

The whole situation then became surreal when I had to leave paid work and the benefits people refused to pay me because they classified the lump sum as ‘savings’, taking me above the savings limit.

So, I’m going to court to get my money back ( a bit academic as she can say she can’t repay me) and keeping my fingers crossed I work again before my money runs out.


  • brokenfather says:

    Done up like a kipper as they say.

    Courts are not supposed to deal with CM unless either party is outside the remit of the CSA. Sadly, they dont seem to know their own rules though!

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