My CSA Nightmare

January 21, 2012

I have a son who i have met once in 6 years. I was never seeing his mother but we had a one night stand and she became pregnant. I was informed she was pregnant a few months later by her mother. I will hold up my hands and say i panicked and i avoided the situation. I was only 22 and hadn’t a clue! I didnt hear anything from the CSA until after she had had him but by this time i was settled with someone who had two children and i was almost 25 by this time.

My partner at the time new abou the situation. I recieved a letter from the CSA but ignored it as again i panicked. I then split from my partner and met another wonderful woman who i now have a child with. At this time i was encountering some seriously bad problems and i was struggling as i had no job and was in debt. I recieved a call from the CSA threatening me about money. I advised them of my situation.

They wouldnt accept this and said they would seek to take property or my passport/driving license. I basically told them to go for it as i had no property and if they took my license i couldnt work as i infact drove for a living so i would find it even harder to find work. I did explain my circumstances and they were not interested. I managed to make contact with the girl i have our Boy with and i explained to her my circumstances and that i was out of work, struggling with debt and on anti-depressants. She was very understanding and explained she would cancel the claim straight away. She then stated he wasnt mine and was another guys from the same areaa.

I had infact heard this before but never thought anything of it. Anyway i never heard from the CSA after that and i assumed all was good and she was ok about everything. Anyway two years down the line in Feb 2009 i recieved a letter from the CSA about payments. They had contacted my employer and made an attachment of earningg order for £47 a week. This included arrears of £900. I asked what they were talking about and mentioned the girl had cancelled the claim but she hadnt. She had lied to me.

I then asked them if she hadnt why had they left it two years to get back intouch. They didnt give me an asnwer which was no suprise. I explained i was unemployed and they said the arrears would still stand as i should have informed them of this but how the hell was i supposed to know as they didnt tell me in my original conversation a few years before when i had advised them then anyway.

Anyway i got back intouch with the girl and she was very rude and off with me. We argued and she said she would take me to the cleaners. I then recieved another letter form them wanting to take over £400 a month which was impossible as i only earned £1100 and i had a partner and a son to support myself. They just didnt give a damn. I had to beg the girl to cancel the CSA claim which i did for weeks. She then demanded a DNA tets which i was happy to do. The results came back and he was mine. Not an issue for me and i met him once but she will not let me see him and he has a father who has been there for him from day one. However i did say i wanted to pay my way so we agreed £140 a month for him and that she would finally stop the claim.

All has been going werll since August 2010 and i have paid every month on time to date. However i split from my current partner of 5 years last August and i informed her of this and explained i had contacted the CSA who advised me to be paying £26 each for both my children based on my current earnings. She was fine abou this and understood so i continued to pay her via standing order and my ex cash. Until now. Some sad person has told her im back with my ex but i arent. She has apparently split with her partner who she has a child with also and she has been intouch demanding more money from me which i cant afford. I have to survive. She has done the usual of threatening me with the CSA.

So i rang them for advise and they said she should be getting £35 a week aswell as my ex. I have now amended my standing order accordingley and i am paying what i should. Can she still go to the CSA and demand more money? Do i have to go through the CSA if im making regular payments? i can also prove i am. Ive made mistakes as a youngster but i have grown up over the years and pay for my other son. However i dont think its fair that she has all the control when it comes to money.


  • bob says:

    The csa can actually disregard ANY proof. You could even have a standing order marked maintenance for (childs name) and if the ex refuses to accept this as maintenance you will automatically be set as non compliant.

    You need to start paying some other way than cash too as if she contacts csa afalse address they can clock up arrears despite you paying.

  • chall says:


    Prior to April 2010 when a total benefit disregard came into force, in most cases the CSA automatically became involved and the PWC was is no position to have a private agreement.

    A case with the CSA has be properly closed by the PWC , you should have received a case closed letter re current maintenance, did you?.

    As stated by bob, it can be very difficult to prove payments made have been for child support and paying cash is inadvisable.
    You can get more info and download agreements here

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Dave says:

    I paid £4,500 pounds in ten months during the time the CSA took initially setting up and agreeing my maintenance payments. On producing the evidence they disregarded the proof and made me pay it again.
    Try and get everything agreed from them in writing. They are disfunctional and almost completely inept. Never pay cash. You may want to consider saving money in an account until this gets sorted. They will use any excuse to rack up arrears.

  • Lorraine says:

    I agree they are snakes that have no idea what they are doing, it is concerning a government body that are so useless xx

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