My CSA complaint to the DWP

March 29, 2013

An email below to the DWP.


I have no doubt you will press the ‘X’ button than read this email from a working class person who has worked all his life, 47 years old, 2 children from a failed relationship. Never claimed social security and paid my taxes all my working life.

The point?
CSA is an absolute shambles of a department, that is unfair and needs a radical change. I agree there has to be a system for absent parents to be responsible, and to contribute payments towards your children. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, the CSA is not the way.

I would seriously consider working alongside someone or alongside a body of people to discuss a fairer way of running the system. Because at the moment the situation is causing considerable pain and in some cases death (suicide) to thousands of working fathers. Surely this is wrong, I have no contact with my children through no fault of my own, just through bitterness, and this has been 6 years.

My situation is that I have paid for my children through the CSA for the past 6 years. My now 17yr (18 in June) old daughter works and her mother still gets Child Benefit, Family Tax Credits and CSA from me! PLEASE tell me if you think that is right? And there are fathers out there with far worse situations than myself.

We still have to live, I am married and have a step daughter, but I struggle to have a life, have a holiday, a weekend away, I work full-time in education, yet I am not allowed a life!! and I stress again, this is for the majority of NRP’s like myself. We have to have a fairer system. Maybe when these fathers have a fairer system, they will spend some money and get the economy moving, because at the moment these people (NRP’s) cannot afford to live, never mind a little luxury here & there. Don’t be fooled into this is one isolated case, it’s more widespread than you can imagine. And the CSA department treat you like murderes & the dregs of society, and that is putting it mildly.

What government needs on these situations is working class people like myself to be involved in the decision making and to contribute advice based on life skills.

I look forward to hearing your response


  • Carol says:

    You are so right. CSA are not interested in children at all as any nrp who has a 2nd family will tell you. It is a disgrace of an Agency. If only the general public knew how bad it was, and the cost, there would be an outcry. It should be scrapped altogether

  • stuart says:

    Has there ever been a time when the Government has been so out of touch with society?

    No wonder the Kids riot.

  • freulone says:

    I think you all missed the point. If you look carefully at the CSA and the group of companies it consists of, you will see it is organised crime at government level. There is a minister that will make a noise at that level telling people how well it is running. That minister will not be involved with the day to day business of the company, it is always at arms length.

    There is an under government , unseen , but very effective at controling and influencing what happens in the real world. Fraud, extortion and the stakeholders of the CSA all work very close with one another. It requires a high level of government to influence a magistrate not to look at how a calculation is made, only that the amount is owed. The debt that is created by the CSA is what draws you into a legal contract with them. They know you will argue and start signing paper and setting up deals. If a member of public was to interfere with the decision of a jury you would be done for perjury. Those that influence the court are well above law.

    Most of you on this site are aware that some thing is not ok. Solicitors are members of the law society, a stakeholder, citizens advice is another. All they will do is help you to help them. I’m quite sure those of you that have tried a solicitor will have noticed a grossly inflated price to put you off.

    The people in control have now moved the CSA cases into a civil court. Now you can rest assured you no longer have the protection of the real law. Goodbye ‘bill of rights’ and welcome to rough justice.

    Take the blue pill, see for yourself how the system works. It was getting embarrassing explaining the deduction of benefits from P.W.C. That saving had to be made up.

    Enter the child at 20, for the purpose of child support. Lost one way win another. Now they don’t pay J.S.A. Win , win for them as they pat each other on the back.

    Do a company search, don’t take my word for it. Every thing from the courts to the DNA company and C.S.A, all the same parent company. Even the chief legislator of the C.S.A is a trustee of the company, including our friend Duncan-Smith. How can you lose when you write your own rules.

    In a simple way, organised crime at a high level of government. All you have to do is put it together and present the evedence. Not that anyone will listen though, C.P.S is part of the same team, or a schoolmate will be in charge, sorted !

  • browned off says:

    I wrote to Iain Duncan Smith but he did not pay me the courtesy of a reply. Not that I expected one.

  • Jason says:

    Interesting responses. We all know the C.S.A are a corrupt Govt department, and tbh we are never going to get them to listen. How would we? like one respondent said, it’s not in their interest.

    It seems we all write emails, letters, get our MP’s involved etc…but at the end of the day it will take a march on whitehall or protest of POLL TAX proportions to get them to take notice, and tbh i am not sure that will work. We are all doomed, we being the rensposible NRP’s (this includes male & female).

    Maybe we have to start going down the HR route??

    …and no, i have not recieved a responce, why would i?

    Keep the faith though people, keep chipping away and hopefully one day we may catch a minister on a good day and one that cares.

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