My complaint to my MP

November 2, 2010

This is a brief but long explanation of events and correspondence with my MP

Firstly thankyou for your letter dated the 18th Oct and to be honest I don’t think that you’ll get answers to the questions that I posed to you and you kindly forwarded on, I get the impression that the CSA is a lawless organisation who want to punish/crimimalise NRP’s. However, there are a few points/inaccuracies that I’d like to put across


‘We tried without success’. The CSA did contact me on numerous occasions and DID NOT leave a message, when you attempt to ring them back the message ‘we tried to contact you and will try again later’ is the result – How can you return contact to someone, when you do not know who called. I did bring this up with Helen Godwin I was told that it wasn’t protocol for the CSA to leave messages – However one of her co-workers did leave a message but did not leave a number for me to contact him on, otherwise I would have and as you can probably gather I’ve been helpful in giving the CSA the information that they required.

What other evidence of income do the CSA require as proof of income ??I only have ONE job !! what else is required ?? How can I get more information and I’ve just noticed from a extract of a previous letter that I sent

Letter dated 13/10/10

Which one is it ??? as it states above I did not provide proof of income and it was estimated, now I have provided proof – Which is it ??How can they give me a net weekly income of £782.12 – I DON’T EARN THAT MUCH !!!! That would give me a net take home each month of £3128.48. Look at my previously provided wageslips. It’s been overestimated by £800.00 per month. If they’re taking into account a NON discretionary bonus of £4000.00 gross – Take off the 40% tax that is added – I probably received just over half of that amount

For example

If the CSA are taking into account this bonus

Monthly wage is 2392.06 (which I’ve supplied evidence)
Bonus £2200.00 (roughly net) divided into 12 monthly installments 183.33

Monthly wage 2392.06 + bonus 183.00 = £2575.39 NOT £3128.48

The figures and evidence are there !! Why can’t someone see this

I would also like to add that the CSA took £703.06 direct out of wages this month – I CAN’T afford to pay my bills this month. I’ve secured employment with another company and have had to pay back a travel loan. Out of my wages I’ve £400.00 to live on – How can I live on that. I’ve supplied evidence of my outgoings. Thanks to the CSA and their INCORRECT calculations I can’t pay my phonebill, mortgage and the minimum on ons of my credit cards, I’ve had to borrow £500.00 off a friend to put something towards my mortgage. Too be brutally honest – I’m going to have to inform the CSA of my new job, my payments will rise – what is the point ??? I’ve always paid my taxes, bills etc I’m better off not working as this is causing me more stress

Look at my take home pay – How am I supposed to live ?? I thought that it WOULD NOT be less than £2033.50. Will Gravesham council be understanding if I don’t pay my council tax ?? Will it be taken into account that one government agency/dept is putting me into DEBT. I feel let down, made to feel like a criminal, I worried how will I pay for things

Good Afternoon ***,
This IS now a matter of urgency as I’m considering going to the press regarding the CSA and their attitude. Yesterday I had another unfortunate episode with the CSA namely Helen Godwin who was rude, aggresive & unreasonable and I have stated that I do not wish to have any future dealings with her. The conversation was at approx 18.30, no doubt the call was taped so you can probably request a copy to confirm this; at one point I even add to ask her to change her tone as it was aggresive and this left me sitting in a high level of personal distress after the call. I’ve included all their documentation for reference and review and you will see that my child maintenance has now DOUBLED I’ve also cut and pasted items to highlight those areas that I think require particular attention. These areas highlight areas of contention and also error. My financial situation is past breaking point given the CSA demands and as a result I am UNABLE to pay my mortgage this month.

Based on their latest calculation they suggest that I pay £510.54 a month; Please review the following detail of my current expenditure/commitments and tell me where & how I’m going to find this sort of figure

Wages in


Mortgage £1,250.00 (& living expenses)
Loan £180.00
C/Card £250.00
Travel £200.00
= £1800.00

After deductions, this leaves me with exactly £512.06 and after the suggested CSA payment that leaves me with £1.52 to live on each month. How am I supposed to live ?? You can appreciate that the above commitments are far from lifestyle choices and have heavy commitment to each of them. These payments are fixed and must be met in order for me to live, work and have a home. I find that to be told ‘make arrangements’ by Helen Godwin, a disgusting approach to take – Am I suppose to increase the term of my loan, thus making myself more in debt over a longer period of time ??

Below are the other areas from the correspondance with the CSA where I feel errors have been made on their part :

Does the above example not say Confirmation of Direct Debit ?? If so, Why have they gone ahead and placed a DoE (Deductions of Earnings) on me (see below)?? – This is WRONG I’m not a Non paying parent. What I’ve been told today by the CSA that this isn’t really a confirmation – What is it then ?

And also to be told by Helen Godwin that they have already approached my employer I find this a GROSS intrusion of TRUST & my private affairs by the CSA

From page 6 below “Net weekly income” – This shows my net monthly income figure which you can check is not infact the correct figure. I believe(have been informed by Helen Godwin) that they have taken into account a bonus that is NOT guaranteed. How can they base a payment on money that I don’t have ??As you can see by my wageslips that I’ve supplied I DO NOT earn this amount each month and this is a gross error on their part

From page 12

It states that I didn’t provide proof of income, again this is vastly INCORRECT I faxed a copy to them – If you require a copy of the Fax and fax confirmation I can send this on along with the fax number that they (The CSA) gave me. Also if I haven’t provided them with any financial data, how did they get my bank details ?And how can they estimate my income ???

There is also a segment that I’d like you to review. Unless I am mistaken, this implies that I should not be left with anything less than £2,033.50 per calendar month and that I should be protected against my income dropping below this. If you take my salary income above and deduct their suggested payment you will note that the result falls below this figure stated.

I’ve attempted to correspond with the CSA on this matter and some of my questions from my original email remain unanswered
such as –

NRP’s who have to start their lives again as the residential parent (which usually is the mother) tends to end up with everything and the father is left to start again afresh. Why don’t the CSA take this into account ??
Why don’t the CSA take into account that my ex-wife is full time employed ??
Why isn’t the amount of money that my EX-wife recieved from the sale of my house not taken into account ??
Is the government happy that they are potentially willing to make people homeless or miss payments on credit agreements or household bills/council tax ??.

This matter is causing me enormous STRESS, your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated


  • lyn says:

    You know these stories get worse and the more I read them the more angry I get to think that an organisation like the CSA can cause so much pain, hurt and frustration.

    I know exactly what you are going through and unfortunately, you will be banging your head of a brick wall because they will not give you the answer to any of your questions.

    My partner and his Solicitor have been going back and forward to the CSA for the past year and last week THEY decided ok we are not giving you the information you want, we are not listening to you anymore, we are NOW COMING AFTER YOUR HOUSE to recover the debt.

    Would you believe like you the case worker is the cause of all of our troubles it is she who making all the decisions. Like your case worker she is rude, aggressive, a bully and her manner is appalling. My partner refuses to even speak to her and going forward he will be asking for a new case worker

    They have now started their liability order against us and have said they will force us to sell the house. They are looking for over £30,000 from my partner and dont care where he gets this from.

    Let me tell you they get all the information about from you utilitiy bills. We have been shown where they got the information about my partner i.e. mortgage etc. They do a credit check on you and can see your credit cards, mortgage, utility bills, council tax and can see all the addressed you have lived at. We were shocked when the case worker was able to tell my partner how much credit he had left on his credit cards. They also check if you have a car by checking with the DVLA. Yes they can check everything about you!

    I do hope your MP can help you.

    Be strong and fight this all the way.

  • John says:

    So much for Human rights and Civil liberties?

    My only suggestions are these. 1) We all have an M.E.P. make an appointment to see them. Harp on about Human rights and Civil Liberties. Ask them to explain why £4 billion pounds remains uncollected and yet you are being targeted. You have all ready paid taxes and N.I. contributions. Why are you being asked to pay again into the benefit system. That is discrimination, the fact that you are paying twice.

    2) The Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge should be made aware of the discrimination, injustice and criminalisation of decent people. Write to him.

    3) If enough victims got together, they may be able to fund and mount a multi legal challenge on the basis of discrimination and unfairness. Whilst others have been ‘let off’ the the ones who pay are repeatedly targeted.

    Just some suggestions. I wrote to Cameron. Waiting for a reply!

  • John says:

    As an after thought. The CSA/CMEC have been brought back into the DWP. They now have a Minister who has RESPONSIBILTY for the CSA/CMEC. Duncan Smith……………write to him and complain about the disgraceful behaviour of these over ‘zealous wheel clampers’.

  • Stewart Putty Nicholson says:

    was the sort of thing i had to deal with for 2 years endless amount of errors regading my net income .. i once had to get a solicotor to sort it out to show that i did not earn what they said i earned even tho it was in black and white on my pay slips … and the thing that anooyed me after my solictor finally got it sorted cause some dumb csa employer had gone by my gross income instead of my net income they decided they wanted to reassess my case 2 months after to only mis calculate again …. in the end i was in that much debt i lost my mortgage , with a terrbile credit rating for 6 years and back to square one renting a house

  • Gary Spiers says:

    Is Helen Godwin at CSA Plymouth? She sounds like the woman who told my now ex, " you would be better off getting a divorce"

  • Claire B-Smith says:

    I have been writing to my MP also. Below are a couple of extracts from my latese letter!Might I just add that a CSA representative (whom I shall not name) actually agreed that the new system is ‘dreadfully unfair’ for the non-resident parent and that a number of others in the office agree. The problem is that only my income is now taken into account and not my commitments/outgoings such as mortgage and living costs. These are the same people who are demanding money from people like myself. How can they do their job effectively if they do not believe in the rules imposed on them!!??I would like to suggest that you read some of the terrible horror stories the general public have written with regards to their dealings with the CSA using these links. I and many others believe that the new Conservative government strongly consider the best way forward to creating a system fair for all.

  • Paula Halsey says:

    Where is Cameron in all this, what happened to "He will make sure everyone who is working will be better off than people on benefits. Im Not actually convinced reading the above and having dealt with the reckless destruction caused by the csa seriously considering going on benefits

  • chall says:

    Hi Neil,

    1) What date did your case commence, on/after 03/03/03 OR before?

    2) Have you at any point requested your Data Protection File – if not, there is a template letter at, You have pay £10 for such – do not enclose cash or a cheque. Postal orders should be payable to; CSA.

    3) If a default maintenance decisions have been made on a case, if all the required info is supplied, they can be converted into proper assessments. Be aware that although this may decrease amounts owed, it can also work the other way.

    4) How many children are you paying maintenance for?

    chall ~

  • gareth says:

    having just got a reply from the csa , for nil pounds and nil pence for the maintenance of my wifes two boys from a first marrage , her ex is self employed and has two diy shops , and runs a building firm and yet he only earns £5.00 a week (we give boys £5 a week pocket money) , he was giving us £60 each a month and we asked for a small increace to £75 per month each to help with school clothes ect but he said no chance ,go to csa , so we thought what have we to lose . well £60 is what we lost or £120 a month . he has three holidays a year abroad , yet we dont get away at all. , where is the justice in that

  • Lisa Hunter says:

    @ Paula i have spoken directly to Cameron on the issue of the CSA/CMEC, non committal! I have requested meetings with Ian Duncan-Smith, Helen Goodman, Frank Field, Alan Johnson ALL of them refused. Helen Goodman 24 hours before the meeting cancelled at the 11th hour personally i believe she shit herself directing the issue back as a policy issue, a policy that she ultimately has to give the red light for. There appears to be a shroud of non justification for the uselessness over many years.

  • Karen B says:

    Gareth, there isnt justice in that, get the criminal compliance unit onto this to check via the credit ref agencies, then go for an appeal, contact me if you need more info.

  • Karen B says:

    IDS, yep tried to contact him, strange that he doesnt respond, cant think why, can you?!!!

  • jonathon foran says:

    Can anyone please help me. I have 8 children that live with me 4 of them being step children. An ex partner has made a claim to csa against me for my daughter whom i’m not even aloud to talk to on the phone let alone see. I only earn £120 a week as i work part time and because myself and my partner are in receipt of child tax credits for our 8 children this is added to my earnings. So csa have made their calculations and say i have to pay £63 a week for this child. Is this right? If myself and my partner were claiming jsa we would only get £5 a week less and i would only have to pay £5 a week for my child as tax credits would not be taken into consideration as i am claiming a benefit.

  • j says:

    lyn on November 2nd, 2010

    I do hope your MP can help you.

    Just a query, is our own MP any good? Ours is next to useless, happy to spend taxpayers money on ‘home improvements’ (all within the rules of course) but unwilling to help with problems like those experienced by people on this site. Perhaps we should start to name and shame those MP’s who get involved and help and those who dont seem to care? A list of csa supporting MP’s on this site would be a start.

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