My complaint letter to David Cameron

March 27, 2013

CSA Persecution – My Children lose
as a NRPP & a PWC – complaint to Mr Cameron exerpt

Dear Mr Cameron

I am a wife and a mum and I also have Cystic Fibrosis.

It therefore comes as a great shock to find that right now, in this country, under your government, there is unmistakable evidence of ‘Nazism’ within one of your Government Departments. Evoking and mirroring many of the same ruthless and destructive elements that is not only wilfully destroying families across the country but predominantly wasting taxpayers’ money to do so.

The 1935 Nuremberg Laws introduced by the Nazi’s were discriminatory, unjust and paved the way for the persecution of the Jewish race and caused untold misery, devastation and suffering.

The 1991 Child Support Act introduced by the Government at the time is equally discriminatory, unjust and paves the way for the persecution of non resident parents, parents with care, subsequent families and their children. It causes untold daily misery and despair and has obliterated not only family values but indeed family life in hundreds of thousands of UK homes. My home and my family Mr Cameron are now one of those many homes and families.

I make no excuse for using the evils of the Nazis’ as a comparison here and I have never done so before. But my personal suffering, experience, evidence and research demonstrates that the CSA have more in common and operate in parallel more with this regime than any other. The Nazi’s were ruthless, uncaring and emotionless in their objective pursuit. Their goals were to be achieved at any cost. Their actions were made lawful, but they were not rational or just. They removed or ignored anything and everything that stood in their path. Procedures were created only to facilitate their heinous activities. Any efforts of protest were met with harsher and more appalling consequences. Members of the regime completely dehumanised all who were their target and in turn became desensitised to human suffering.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) behaves in a horrifyingly similar way. They discriminate between a child in one family and that in another. They favour and support one child in their selected family and impoverish and discriminate against one or more children in another. This comment is based directly on the facts and situation of my case here which shockingly is being replicated across the length and breadth of the UK. One child is favoured whilst another is persecuted. Is this the ‘Welfare for all children’ that child support law is supposed to champion? I implore upon you to investigate this before this becomes another tragic event that will be recalled in history. One that will be associated with your time in Government.

The CSA now have so much self assumed power that they consider themselves even ‘above the law’. The law has even been changed to suit their regime; removing the fundamental foundations of long fought for British Law principles that presume innocence until proven guilty. The CSA presume guilt, deny the right to a fair hearing and trial and mete out punishment that defies belief with a menacingly inhumane intent. Families with children, like ours, are experiencing psychological torture, bullying and harassment on a daily basis at their hand.

Is this really happening in modern day Britain under your Government? Absolutely, and I can provide the evidence. I am speaking from firsthand experience as a ‘parent with care’ and as a ‘non resident parent’s partner’. What I have witnessed crosses deep into both sides of the CSA’s primary agenda and shows the absolute hell, despair and inhumanity at their hands.

In both situations my children not only lose but have been caused untold hardship and misery as a consequence.

CSA staff have become so desensitised by their power and daily practise of persecution that they have lost all sense of discretion, rational judgement and common sense and are blatantly interpreting the law as they see fit. Many areas of the CSA have established their own private and subjective regime of discrimination and what is also staggering is that they are using extortionate amounts of ‘our’ public money to behave in this way.

The abominable failings of the CSA over previous years have been well documented and some changes have been implemented. However, what has been seriously overlooked are the families already encased in this atrocious system who continue to be persecuted, immorally hounded and destroyed because many existing CSA staff, are clearly unwilling to ‘change’ their attitude and approach for a fairer more just system. There is absolute certainty, from our own case file data, that these staff are clinging on with their fingernails in an effort to retain the ill-conceived power and absolute control they have dictatorially wielded over so many decent families for so long. These individuals, who I will name with evidence, behave with complete subjectivity and are so institutionalised to the previous regime that they are vindictively using scarce public funding to financially and emotionally annihilate as many families as they can whilst they retain the power to do so.

Elements of the CSA are ‘hell bent’ on enforcing erroneously assessed debts amounting in some cases to tens of thousands of pounds in a desperate attempt to ‘save face’. Yes, there are individuals who knowingly evade their basic responsibility; my own ex husband would be one. However, my evidence shows that the CSA are aggressively and subjectively hounding individuals and their families for the purpose of achieving some sense of personal satisfaction and bonus. We are one of those ‘families that the CSA are ruthlessly pursuing to the tune of nearly £40,000.

The feeling of utter despair is so overwhelming that both my husband and I have been driven to consider tragic action and can understand how so many before us have taken their own lives.


  • stuart says:

    Alice and Wilf Have a good long read. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • wilf says:

    Stuart:- Drop the bone.

  • stuart says:

    Wilf-Come Clean

  • John (original) says:

    Unfortunately, our democratically elected representatives have subscribed to this form of ‘Nazi’ism’, by once again using statute laws to demonise and criminalise the very people who put them in ‘that place’.

    English law was founded upon, Common law, whereby it’s citizens have a right to be tried by a jury of their peers.

    Not so, with this shower of sh-te!

    Hail the revolution, and restorative justice in over-throwing these self-ingratiating, self-serving tw-ts!

  • browned off says:

    An excellent letter – I would like to see it published in all the national newspapers.

  • Carrie says:

    Sadly,a newspaper would never print this as much as I wish they would.The media are not allowed to speak out against the Government- they have to follow procedures that forbid them to do that.I also write a an NRPP & a PWC. We are having the same problems .The CSA did nothing for me as a pwc of 3 children since it’s inception in 1993 & now in 2013 we are losing a vast chunk of my husbands wages due to ‘arrears’ the CSA say we have! We have proof of EVERY payment by SO to the pwc but the CSA are believing her without asking for evidence.That is not justice .What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Of course NRP’s have to support the children but in a way that’s fair to both families! I don’t think David Cameron couldn’t possibly realise how generously single parents are treated compared to us. A single parent only has to do 16 hours of paid work & can get working tax credits,family tax credits,Ch/ben,all the benefits of a single parent like free prescriptions,dental treatment,free school meals,free school trips,reduced Council tax and often Housing benefit,things we can’t even afford to pay for! We don’t get any tax credits as they are worked out BEFORE nearly 30% of my husbands wage goes straight to the CSA.The pwc’s have the wage from the job they do and get to keep ALL Child maintenance they get as there is complete benefit disregard for this (since April 2010).If nrp’s do get any tax credits they are included in the income assessed to give to the pwc! We have the Data Files of our case essential to work out how they come to their conclusions regarding arrears.

  • stuart says:


    Agree totally with you.

    However it wil,l I am afraid, happen that the CSA will push someone to far and then what happens will be front page news.

  • Macon says:

    Alice will think this is great best thing she has read since 50 shades of gray !!!!!

  • karen75 says:

    Thats the best letter I have read on this site, absolutely well said K Jones! From another truly victimised PWC & NRPP.

    What about local media, would the saem rules apply? Or send it straight to Downing Street to Mr CaMORON

  • John says:

    Norman Bettison is about to get his ‘come uppance’ regarding Hillsborough.

    CSA, Executives, Staff and Politicians are next to get theres’.

  • Macon says:

    They have doctored my data protection files i have proof of this as I log every phone call take there names and extension numbers of case workers and keep all my letters, I am taking this to the top I may not win today but I will carry on the fight and one day I will be at the front of the queue for restorative justice !!!!!

  • stuart says:

    Same as data prints edited.

    And forget ICE had a letter today stating. That They see no problem with witholding evidence presented by The CSA from you. Thats right you have no clue what the CSA have said or said they have done and no opportunity to challenge it.

    Thats independance for you. Judging issues without taking sides???? How can he get away with this as his mission statement. He can not and I will make sure he has to change it. The whole process is designed to decieve and defraud.

    Hillsborough,and Jimmy Saville and friends next the CSA scum. cherish the day that comes to pass.

  • Macon says:

    I have payed for my kids for 14 years and only missed missed 6 weeks payment as i broke my leg payed over 30,000 pounds but as my ex is benefit fraud I am getting embezzled out of 3,000 quid .Its time to sand up to this unjust and repressive agency , Mandela ,Winston Churchill , Yasser Arafat, Lech Walensa, Bobby Sands, they all stood up to repressive against human rights governments and leaders and at there time were persecuted for there beliefs ,human rights ,ethnic or religious beliefs I will not pay my child maintenance for a 18 year old kid who’s mother is committing benefit fraud to get my Csa money ,I have asked for them to take me to court for 3000 quid I am allegedly owe them , I have dared them to put me in jail if the do I will go on hunger strike i have told them this it will put the cat amongst the pigeons and finally get this Csa unjust repressive Junta in the front pages of the press that they Deserve !!!!!

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