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My children’s father owes me a lot and CSA won’t do anything

I have 2 boys age 16 years’u split form their sperm donor when they were 2 this greedy man had money but for the past 16 years ive had nothing but abusive txt’s when ever i asked him to help with the cost of anything they needed.when the boys were 10 i was asked to change from child support to child tax & when i dud i was refused apparently the sperm donor had a claim in bearing in mind i had not had a penny from him.. i reported him the same day & then i went straight to csa..all he had to pay was £40 a week for 2 feed & clothe 2 boys..i recieved again abusive txts & the threat that he was packing in work which he did after.

18 month.. then i had not another penny i was struggling to raise these boys without a penny from him then a year later out of the blue i recieved a txt from him saying he had a chance of a job and can we come to an arrangement it was just after xmas i was drowing in debt & still am… i said to him give me wot the csa were tking because i was scared incase he said no if i had said i wanted more & £40 A WEEK WAS better than nothing .. i started a 16 hour job so i had both boys dinner money my travel costs to & from work school trips × 2 to haircuts every 6 weeks clothes shoes trainers after 3 year i had to give my job up to be my parents careri’m still recieving £40.a week to feed clothe support 2 boys & in december 2016 maintenance was stopped cos apparently he gave up work.. ive just found out that this vile man was working as a crane operator on the oil rigs and my maintenance should of been £200.a week not £40. I PHONED CSA WHAT A WASTE OF TIME cos theyre not interested i cant stop crying 3 year at 40 quid while he was avin 2& 3 holidays a year he has no mortgage no debt & i cant find anyone that can help me recover what he owes unless hes physically abused me i have no contact with him i feel ill knowing what ive sacrificed for these boys who leave school this friday and i’m proud to be their mother & only provider but this man is’nt getting away wuth whatt he owes…please i just want to know who i should contact ti help recover what he owes… ive been on loads if sites & had no response i’m pulling my hair out through it.

2 thoughts on “My children’s father owes me a lot and CSA won’t do anything

  1. So he is sperm donor but not you are ex partner than.
    If so you can’t claim a penny from him.

    If he is your ex partner you can’t claim anything from him because children is 16s.

    Also CSA won’t do anything now. You need to go to Child Maintenance Service, they should be able to backdate all the payment

  2. Please bear in mind that the CMS can only tackle your ex-partner for back payment if he has arrears with the CSA.

    If you know where he is working, you should close down your case with the CSA and make a new application with the CMS. All arrears with the CSA will be transferred to them. In any case all cases with the CSA is being close and PWC will then have to make a new application with the CMS or make a private family agreement (the government preferred option) with the NRP.

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