My child is suffering because of the CSA’s incompetence

August 8, 2013

My ex husband for the past 18 months has been lying to the Csa about the amount of time my son spends with me.

He stays every weekend fri and sat night and every school holiday. I contacted the Csa a year ago and told them the information they had was incorrect and that he stayed with me as above. They told me they could do nothing about it until I’d kept a diary for a year to prove this was the case.So I kept the diary.

Feb I contacted them back and said that I now have the diary and could they adjust the payments. They asked for a copy of the diary which I sent in. I waited and waited to hear but nothing happened.

I called them again to be told that they had never received it. So I sent it again and waited. Nothing. I called again to be told that they had contacted my ex and he said that he didn’t sleep over and they always believe the parent with care. I said I had witnesses to prove that this was untrue so again they asked me to send in a copy of my diary. I sent it they lost it AGAIN!!!!!

I’ve just called up to see what’s happening and it seems like they just don’t care. I have another child that I care for that is now suffering hardship due to the incopentance of these people . I’m getting to the stage where I don’t know where to turn for help as no one seems to care . Please help me


  • Adrian says:

    Ok so basically what your saying is you have your son so many nights through out the year. Firstly don’t believe a word the CSA tell you. The information about the diary is irrelevant. What you need to do is get a court order saying you have your child on said such days. Say for instance 8 nights per month or what ever you have him. The CSA will not go of what you say. (( its all about the money with them )) get social services involved and your mp. Basically you need evidence that you have your child for so many nights. This in itself is hard to prove. One thing I will say though is that by involving the CSA whether its you or your ex your both focusing on the money aspect of it and not the up bringing of your child. This is not right in itself and to use a child as a bank card is out if order
    Hope it works out for you but I wouldn’t hold your hopes up. Try to come to a private arrangement with your ex. Think your child will be much happier that way instead of feeling let down by both parents

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