My child is being treated unfairly by CSA

March 9, 2015

My ex left in 2010 and of the 4 kids we had two were still at home, One of them went abroad and then last year in July my youngest went to live with his dad.

Up until then the ex had been paying the mortgage and a loan on the house, and I had been paying the bills, no csa involved, then when the youngest went to live with him he got the csa involved he told them that my son never comes to stay with me, which when the csa rang me about details my son was upstairs asleep.

Now my ex lives with his girlfriend , and who together earn about £90,000 a year, I earn £6,000 we were divorced a year in dec 2012 but are still sorting the house out well he is bitching ove bits and pieces, with the end still no where in site.

The csa take their money strait from my wages even thou I sent all their forms back to them, he normally gets £128 per month. This month he got £111, I only work part time 16 hours per week as am disabled, and I only bought home £297 this month, yet the csa are still not interested.

I have my son every other weekend, and after struggling to feed myself, cannot always afford to feed him too, I don’t smoke or drink and feel he is being really unfair, I see lots of posts from women with kids and about their ex paying them but so far haven’t seen it the other way around as in my case, Am I unusual, and how can I get the csa to listen???????


  • Bill says:

    You are not unusual there are many female NRPs and they get treated as badly as the male NRPs.

  • gonk says:

    just because you are female, makes no difference, you are a NRP and its beyond un believable that this scum treats nrp’s sooo unfairly. I, like you resent having £300 forced out of me each month and handed over to the ex and her partner whom both work full time jobs and are both laughing at how easy it is to milk an ex for cash on the back of his/her kids. The csa don’t give a shit about you..remember that, you are shit on their shoes. your ex could be a millionaire and the csa will still take that money. It should be means tested. PWC = based on her/his circumstances and needs. NRP = based on what he/she can realistically afford enabling him/her to still have a life and being able to live it in some kind of comfort. The csa do not understand the meaning of the word “fair”

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