My case opened eight years ago, i’ve still received nothing

April 12, 2013

My case opened in 2005 so far I have received nil … I call every two weeks there just waiting on info there just waiting for Something all the time.

I received a letter with the amount of areas funny because in my letter was a letter to my ex also with arrears and payment schedule, care to explain why it was a whole grand down for me to receive and different collection and payment amounts .

I ve now have had enough and gone to my MP . no way can a human not either claim a benefit or work for eight years I just believe they put my children in a draw and left them . they called me in jan 2013 and said they finally located a employer errrr he quit two days later lol


  • Alice says:

    there may be Secretary of State debt or payments due to another person. If the NRP keeps moving jobs each time the CSA catches up with him they will have to start their trace action again each time.

  • karen says:

    Join the facebook group child support agencies failings and others too, as they will give you support, good luck.

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