My advice for dealing with the Child Support Agency

February 12, 2013

The CSA have not changed a jot! Dispite being told by our Government that they made huge improvement since the early days of caos and distruction. They still use bullyboy tactics and half truths to get NRPs to pay up.

I would advise your members when dealing with CSA to:

Put all disbutes in writing.

Apply to the Data Protection Unit for the information they have on you. Under the Data Protection act you have a right to apply for it they charge £10 for admin . If you pay by cheque make it payable to CSA and include it in your letter. They will advise that it may take upto 40days to supply. You can bet it will. You can get example letters off the internet.

The rules on child Maintenance are:

The child has to be in fulltime education (12 hours or more)non advanced eg.. A level’s EVQ’s children who move on to University do not qualify as the PWC does not recieve Child Benefit which automatically stops at 19.If you are still getting demands write and point this rule out and inform them you will sue for Maladministraion and claim compensation.

In October 2012 CSA were given the right to demand payments until the child is 20. This rule only applies If your child enroled on a cousre before their 19th Birthday. As the acedemic year goes from September to September this rule will apply to very few cases eg.. a child who was born after september 2nd will be 20 before they finish their education.Where the rule does apply the PWC has to apply for an extention as benefit will automatically stop at 19.

According to the CSA dispite being able to access bank accounts, contact employers for information, and in certain circustances force sales of property!!! they don not have the power to make checks with Colleges to confirm the courses the qaulifing child is attending. I am currently investigating this claim and looking to have the law changed so that all parents(Divorced or not) have the right to information as long as the child remains finacially dependant on their parents.

Some would say that NRP,s keep complaining because they dont want to pay. In my experiance this is not true.

I have wriiten my letter because i have a husband who has been treated like a money making machine and not a father who wants and has provided in addition to his maintainance luxurious holidays, savings, pocket money,moblie phone and clothes for holiday (as the PWC refused to supply them).

I have a child for who I recieve maintainance for. I am proud to say I will Never use the CSA because i believe that it takes two to make a child and should take two to decide between you what is fair and right for your child no matter that the parants no longer live together. That way they will be raised with a balanced view and not be used as a pawn in a game like so many PWC’s encourage until they get what they want and at the expense of the child refusing to see the NRP. Only then is the PWC be truly satisfied.

Good luck too all in the CSA jail house!!!


  • John says:

    Good informative post. The child (19 Hmm?) that I am paying for is 19 in a few months, and therefore child benefit should cease, meaning that my liabilty also ceases.

    However, given what you have said, there may be an attempt to make me pay until 20 (a child at 20, that is ridiculous). I will be seeking legal advice, if the CSA attempt to impose this flawed/ridiculous statute.

  • karen bedford says:

    Yes 2 people make that child and 2 people should support that child -i.e. the parents. Dont have any more kids if you dont want to pay for them. If we all lived by that and both parents supported the child in every way and not short change the child, we wouldnt be in the state we are in and the world would be a happier place.

  • j says:

    Well said Karen, the only reason organisations like the csa get away with what they do is because people allow their emotions to take over and forget there are children involved. Perhaps we should all put the kids first and our feelings second. I know its really difficult, divorce/separation is an emotive experience but just look at the posts on here, being nasty with each other doesnt make it better, in fact its often worse.

  • Sally says:

    And the CSA add fuel to the fire by using money as an incentive for PWC! and its implemented a formula that only suits the wrong sort of claimants….

    I don’t know of any NRP who has come onto this website who does NOT want to pay for their child, they do!!

    What they don’t want, is to pay the PWC when they know the money is not being spent on the child (my situation).

    What they don’t want is to be left in poverty wondering if they can afford their next mortgage/rent payment or if they can afford the petrol/travel costs to go and see their kids… its heartbreaking!!!

    The CSA is breeding a society whereby money comes above all else and it doesn’t matter whether you lie, cheat or steal (greedy PWCs NOT all PWCs) you will still be supported….

    While the vulnerable and needy PWC’s are ignored and left to go without because the CSA is too lazy to investigate their claim… and find the real ‘absent NRP’s’ who don’t want to pay for their child…

    sorry – my opinion…. rant over!

  • Bexy says:

    CSA are criminals. Do not be intimidated when their “telephone stormtroopers” start getting heavy or abusive. I was told i had arrears i never knew i had, £2000 worth, been paying that out of a DEO, £300p/m for the last 2 years, all the time he (he’s 18 now), and his mother are working, so basically i’ve been paying £750 p/m for 2 kids (inc arrears) for two years plus all the years of payments before that. Don’t be abusive to the phone fascists and always get proof of postage, its evidence you will need. I also photocopy all letters/payslips etc i send. And use your mp, its what they’re there for.

  • job bloggs says:

    Some advice for dealing with the CSA, there a bit like the Borg, you can’t beat them, but you can certainly slow them down…………………….

    1. Do nothing over the phone.
    2. Do everything in writing and get proof of postage.
    3. Involve your MP.
    4. Provide no information.
    5. Request data prints (500 pages long is not uncommon).
    6. Tie them up with their own internal processes.
    7. Lodge formal complaints, mandatory reconsideration, tribunal etc.
    8. If all else fails quit your job or go self employed.
    9. View it like a court of law, the burden of proof is on the CSA, they can easily access, HMRC Pay Slips, Tax Returns, contact your employer to build their case against you.
    10. If every single person takes their case to tribunal, involves their MP and requests dataprints, the system is going to struggle. Whilst your in dispute with the CSA they cannot enforce collection. Hopefully this retched department will finally implode and be replaced with a fair and just system.
    11. Keep a record of EVERYTHING, every night your son or daughter stays with you, you want proof that cannot be argued that son or daughter was with you for X nights per year, very important in shared care case. If you can’t prove will just take whatever the PWC states.
    12. Whilst all the above is going on, you can stop paying PWC anything and try and come to fair agreement directly with PWC which in the end is the best outcome.

    Oh and don’t forget keep smiling…………….

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