My 6 children will suffer

November 9, 2011

I recently got back together with my partner and father of my children,while separated he had a child with someone else.

He was never told about his son being born premature or being christened etc and his ex girlfriend has been unfair from the very beginning of the pregnancy,we know that he financially responsable for his son,but is also financially responsable for 6 other children,we were told by the csa that because we have 6 children 2 of who are disabled and 1 who is waiting assesment they would only base the maintanece on his wages it was called a welfare of the children dicision,then 2 weeks later was told that we now have to pay £73 per week in child maintanance in the figures they have said they have taken off £161 for our 6 children, how good of them, they say that one person needs £73 per week to look after her one child and i only need around £26 per child per week.

How the hell do they work that out, they are taking my childrens disability money off them, how and why do they have the right to take childrens money of them and say that they wont suffer,they will suffer because now i have to make the decision, do i feed my kids good proper food that they need, or pay my rent to keep a roof over our heads, because i cant afford both, so i want to know how my children are not going to suffer, they are playing with peoples lives and families,like they are toys,well we are not toys we are human beings with children to look after properly,it shouldnt be allowed i have been awarded that amount of CHILD tax credits because the goverment say thats what i need to live on for my 6 children, so how the hell can they take it off me for someone else.


  • Disgusted says:

    I have had exactly the same problem, they take way more for my partners 2 children than they expect us to live on with 3 kids.

    We took his ex to court to get access and got it court ordered 2 nights a week, told the CSA and the ex denied it we sent the court order in and she still denied it the CSA wont lower our payments becasue she is saying they are not stayin with us!!! They trust these mothers bacause they assume they are reasonable human beings yet they ignore a court order produced by pillars of the community!

    They tried to take our tax credits but because they are paid into my account they can’t touch it so that may be an idea for you they are classed as belonging to the person whose account it goes into and also the one who earns less so if you earn less that your partner they are classed as yours.

    I ahd to go to my local MP and he contacted the CSA after a 6 month battle they have finally reduced our payments only by £14 but the ex is taking us to the court of appeal! Unreal some people!

    CSA are disgusting end of story.

  • Miles O'Brien says:

    My 6 children? Not our?

  • KMcQ80 says:

    S I X !

    Doing your bit to help over population this island?
    It’s not help with the CSA you need….

  • leanne jones says:

    They would take YOUR 3 children into account when doing the estimates so I don’t understand how ur kids are worse off unless he paying the 40 percent for arrears a lesson to all pay up before u get in a mess

  • gemma says:

    I would like thank you to the person who said about the tax credits being paid into my account,as for the other comments,i meant my children as in not my partners ex’s children,and yes six kids and i’m sure we are not the only large family in the uk and there are people out there with more children than us, that doesn’t give people the right to judge or take disabled kids money off them,we are havimng to pay that amount each week that is not clearing any arrears as my partner started paying as soon as he was told that his son had been born, the children will be worse off due to us not being able to afford the stuff they need.

  • leanne jones says:

    Well I’m sure u get enough tax credits to cope! Try using a condom or stop moaning

  • leanne jones says:

    I’m sure u both bring home more than the total 73 and 126 together to support ur kids in tax credits alone

  • leanne jones says:

    Also if ur children have higher rate cause disabled not allowed to touch the dla element i

  • KMcQ80 says:

    ‘i’m sure we are not the only large family in the uk and there are people out there with more children than us’
    Oh well that makes it all right does it?
    Let’s do what others do.

    I assume you receive more than £300 per week in just child benefit.
    Stop and think.
    Where does that money come from?

  • nell says:

    do you also work to help provide for your 6 children.?

  • janet says:

    I doubt they both work lol so prob claim lots tax credits

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