My 17-year-old daughter earns £20 a day – should I still be paying?

September 9, 2013

my daughter has left school. she is 17. she is doing an apprenticeship in a hairdressing salon for 4 days a week and one day at college. she only earns £20 a day.should i still be paying child maintenance.


  • Lisa says:

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  • Lisa says:

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  • Lisa says:

    Your child can work 24 hrs a week before childbenefit is stopped, any work though must be declared to hmrc child benefit centre, if she is working an apprenticeship its still paid and i would assume your payments stop, i would demand that the CSA do a child benefit check and ring child benefit to let them know, Good luck

  • jo says:

    Under certain child benefit rules some apprenticeships are not included, you need to find out whether this includes your daughters. We had the same issue with my husbands daughter doing a paid apprenticeship and his exs child benefit stopped, but if it wasn’t for us querying it she would still be claiming.

    You need to phone child benefit and logged your concerns and then write to the csa. If that doesn’t get them investigating see your mp.

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