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MP and CSA side against me to take additional £7k

In 2015 csa wrote to me stating i owed £7306.36p.i had ended my monthly maintenance payments.i wrote via mp philip hammond who took no interest in my plight and sided with csa.after 1yr of letters i had to pay the 7k. And appointed external audit check all my csa accounts.after short period they found csa error 7k and since then which has been 6 – 8 months they have tried to get csa and new mcs to admit their error.the csa refuse to co-operate.Meanwhile at age 65 am still awaiting csa reply.

One thought on “MP and CSA side against me to take additional £7k

  1. Hi

    Itbseems you have worked very hard to get the result you did but in my view, now you need professional help to realise your money.

    You should contact me at [email protected] to discuss this further.

    All the best

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