Mothers who stop contact should be taken to court for abuse

March 1, 2013

If a mother wants to stop a father seeing there kids then they shouldn’t be able to claim…

My husband paid every week for his daughter, towards school uniform, school trips, but she wanted more money so we went thru csa, which come out he was paying £30 more a wk than he should, so he said he don’t mind paying but cant afford to pay more! So he continued to pay without the csa.. We have been together 4 years, married 2 years, his daughter adored me, about a year and a half ago it went wrong..

We wanted to take her to Disneyland Paris with my family – i.e. her step family. Her mother would not allow us to take her out of school for 3 days because she wanted to keep her 10 allowed days off so she could go down to her mates….

With this we said she is not giving my husband his rights as he should be allowed 5 of them days.. So back to the csa we went… she wasn’t happy and since then, she wont let us see her… it gets better, we now pay for that privilege of £5 extra a week because we see her “less than 52 nights a year” despite this being her decision, we have to pay for it, its not the £5 but principle. We cant afford to take her to court, she can because she will get legal aid….. We have been waiting since last august for a response from the csa, as we now have my sister living with us plus there was a out standing debt between my husband and his ex of which they chased him for because she is on benefits.

Everytime we call, they just say there dealing with it… His daughter loved coming down to us, yet her mother has stopped this. They should start taking mothers to court for mental abuse on a child, because this will affect his daughter in the long run… I hate woman that use a child as a weapon… they shouldnt be allowed and in opinion the government are supporting this abuse by allowing it!


  • Lisa says:

    I totally agree, no access no cash, seems to many mums do this for the money, having kids is an easy way to free lifestyles for years with never having to work and earn, i hope you manage to sort this properly,

  • Sally says:

    I completely agree with you both… The CSA encourage this sort of behaviour from PWC… Greed… Money before the welfare of the kids…

  • stuart says:

    Staff at Durham House will openly tell you the CSA is a collection agency only, there is NO interest in the welfare or humanity of it’s victims, it’s all about the money.

  • jan hall says:

    I have to agree that a lot of women use children as pawns. my husband’s ex is refusing contact.She has got their daughter to say she does not want to see her dad.Social work are not interested in the mental welfare of a child as long as they look physically fine. Also to suggest that a parent mentally abusing a child should be pnyscologically asessed by the court system the judges seem to think you have the problem She was getting money, but went to the CSA. Quite happy to take money but refusing contact. She is very money orientated. We should be paying her less now as circumstances have changed, but boy do the csa take time to sort that out.I could go on and on the system is very female orientated for the wrong reasons.

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