Mothers enrol kids to college to get more money… is this not fraud?

August 29, 2017

It’s really some information as I have now come across this quite often. My ex wife has taken me to the CSA which I have no issues with. Except, this is my issue, apparently, my son goes to college, or should I say, applied and got into further education, only he does not go and this also happened to my daughter so that my ex could carry on receiving money for him for longer. I have spoken to a friend who works in a college and she has also explained that what alot of mothers have now cottoned onto, is applying their child into college so that they can still receive money, even though the child does not go. It seems its a common scam where no one looks into this and costing the system millions a year due to empty places where a legitimate child could be learning. So my question is, why is this not looked into as it is fraud due to governments money paying for a child in college that never actually goes. This must be horrendously expensive. Is this worth bringing up to an MP, or do you look into this yourselves?


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Darren

    I don’t know whether or not you are having a relationship with your kids from your previous relationship but if you are, I would ask them if they are attending college. If you could at least find out where they are enrolled, you could at least find out if they are attending.

    If they are not attending college then their mother has a legal obligation to inform the CSA/CMS as they no longer qualify for Child Maintenance. What you could do, armed with the information about your children’s situation (assuming they are not attending college), is to tell the Agency and they in tern will write off to the mother. She has to confirm to the CSA/CMS whether they are attending college or not. If she lies, you can then provide the proof.

    You would then be in the position to request the Agency return any overpayments to you.

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