More info on the department the CSA doesn’t want you to know about

February 4, 2014

Further to my post of last month, “The Department the CSA Does NOT Want You to Know About”, I have further information for you. The contact details of the department the CSA does not want you to know about is,

Internal Investigations
Finance and Commercial Division
Department for Work and Pensions
Room BP9251
Belsay House
Benton Park View
NE98 1YX

This department investigates the following,

Any allegations of internal fraud, abuse, and acts of Serious and Gross Misconduct by staff or contractors within DWP.

In addition to this address there is a referal point for investigations to be carried out. The address is,

Internal Investigations,
Department for Work and Pensions,
F&C Internal Audit and Investigations Directorate, Level 4 Rockingham House,
123 West Street,
S1 4ER.

The Telephone Number for this department is 0114 240 8745

Their email address is [email protected]

If you are unlucky enough to get a referral manager with the initials of WP, she will try and rubbish your argument. She became very nervous when I said that I’d come in person to this address in Sheffield to state my case of complaints!

This department by their remit has to refer complaints (with evidence) for the Investigation department in Longbenton for an investigation to be carried out. As far as we the “customers” are concerned they investigate on the basis of the following,

The Incident involves a serving member of staff.

The incident is viewed as serious or gross misconduct (defined by the DWP standards of behaviour and the Civil Service Code).

The Incident requires specialist Investigative skills and cannot be resolved locally.

The allegation has some foundation and substance to it and doesn’t appear to be based on rumour.

If they then proceed with the investigation they will then see what the case is to answer. This could include,

Recovering and analysing data and documentation.

Interviewing staff members.

Approaching other staff and employees for written statements.

Looking at system and written records.

For detection of Fraud and Abuse they use a wide range of sources to detect Internal fraud and Abuse. For their detective work they will check,

Customer and other sensitive information, this could include,

Conditions of service (civil Service Code).

Misuse of Assets.


I hope all this information helps and be insistent if you know that your evidence is incontrovertible and transparent for an investigation to be carried out for your Right to an Effective Remedy.

Keep fighting and hold them to account.


  • dan says:

    just foud out today the CSA have been sending my post to another address when i asked for an updated schedule she had the wrong address, i said so are you telling me for 2 years you have been sending my sesative inforamation to another address, yes she said but it didnt have my national insurance number on? lol im taking them to the cleaners right to the top, internal investigations dep in newcastle / sheffield?have i got ground to stand on?

  • Dan says:

    Further more I’ve posted 3 letters 1 to the muppets them selfs telling them I want someone’s head / compensation for having my wrong address on file 2 years never having anything rang yesterday they had a different house number! Major breech of data protection or what the agent quickly updated my details and went. Posted a letter to the internal investigations team and parliament ombusmand and today I’ve got the gem I needed knocked on my neighbours door asking if any mail had ever been posted here she said they threw others but these two are more recent !! From Csa with wrong address on I’m going to try my hardest to take them to the cleaners all the way

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