More children than ever are benefitting from the Child Support Agency in the North East

March 15, 2011

The latest figures revealed by the Child Support Agency paint a picture that more children than ever are being helped by it, at least as far as the North East of England is concerned.

The figures for the region show that there has been a significant increase in children receiving child maintenance payments from the previous year. The total for the area is 46,910, which means a 610 increase on the figure for the year before.

As far as the payments themselves are concerned, £59.4 million was collected or arranged through the agency, which, again, is an increase on the previous year’s figure.

These figures for the North East are of particular interest because Northumberland is to be the first region in the United kingdom to start a new initiative the CSA hopes will help the area further as well as, eventually, the wider community should it be successful. This initiative will involve staff who work with children (including various types of health workers and employees at children’s centres) being trained to be on the lookout for parents who may be in need of assistance with child maintenance, so they can be guided towards receiving adequate support should they not be aware how to receive it.

Stephen Geraghty, the commissioner for child maintenance made a statement saying that this new scheme will allow more parents to be able to receive what they are entitled to through the Child Support Agency.


4 Responses to “More children than ever are benefitting from the Child Support Agency in the North East”

  1. John on March 15th, 2011 5:11 pm

    Snooping on absent parents in order to re-cycle tax credits paid out to people who have never or paid in very little into the tax system.

    So! The absent parent (usually) the father pays into the tax system twice. Once through income tax and secondly through CSA.

    The CSA is not ‘fit for purpose’, is a complete ‘shambles’ and costs more to run than it collects!

    Billions of pounds spent on failed I.T. systems, whilst executives and staff ‘cream off’ bonuses.

    £57 Billion pounds remains uncollected, whilst the ‘bonus seekers’ repeatedly target those who pay!

    What happens between parents and children has got nothing to do with Geraghty or the useless staff at the CSA!

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  3. John on March 16th, 2011 3:07 pm

    The CSA is not fit for purpose. What happens between parents and children is between parents and children.

    The useless CSA staff and Politicians talk about helping people in ‘family breakdown’. This ‘shambles’ does no such thing. it makes thing s ten times worse!

    I have been on both sides as a PWC and an NRP.

    I am I happy with the perfromance of the CSA NO!

    £3.5 billion uncollected in 2010 has risen to £3.7 billion in 2011.

    The misinformation being published by ‘Capone’ style accountatnts of the CSA and DWP, is that more children are benefitting from CSA.

    What they are really saying is that the CSA in the North East are repeatedly targeting those who pay and still don’t bother going after those who don’t pay, have never paid and will never pay!

    The usual lies and deceit from the CSA!

  4. John on March 24th, 2011 12:37 pm

    More Suicides happening and more Coroners ‘slamming’ the CSA!

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