Money is hard to earn, but easy for CSA to take

October 16, 2012

I am currently on debt management plan with Debt line.

I spoke 3 months ago to one agent(female) explaining my financial constraints and why missing payments. I said i will afford a reasonable amount of £180/month til my situation is back to normal but she ignored me and the last thing i knew was a new payment plan sent to the payroll deparment and me explaining me the amounts of money that MUST be collected every month. according to the new payment plan mistakes start showing up £over 300 paid the first payment.

Besides, after a payment schedule has been sent to me, mistakes are still being made and more money has been deducted out of my account. I am left on my own and have no clue who can help me insure the right amount of payment is being deducted. i talked to csa who could not help. talked to my employer who had no clue. and dont even know which office i need to talk to now. ……
thank you

Money is so hard to earn these days. some fairness in decision making needs to be taken into account. Unfortunately, nobody bothers.

martin kande


  • Alice says:

    first of all the fact is that your child support debt is your priority debt, a debt management plan can be renegotiated but your child support has to be paid ahead of all other debt. The CSA debt has to be paid off asap and must be collected at a level which will clear it within 24 months. The csa have a legal right to take up to a maximum of 40% of your net income – if it is not collected within the 24 months it will need to be taken to court and a liability order obtained which may result in you being forced to sell your house or liquidate other assets (car etc) to pay the debt.

    You say that mistakes are still being made – what mistakes were made in the past? What mistakes are still being made? You say that after a deo was issued to your employer and a schedule being sent to you they took money from your account – was this a direct debit? if so how soon after the new schedule for the deo being issued was the direct debit payment taken?

    what is the amount of arrears outstanding on your account? Why are their arrears on your account? Did you miss payments or have you had a recent re-assessment back-dated to a new job or other change in circumstances?

    Your employer’s situation is simple – a DEO is a legal obligation and they do not have a choice in what they pay – the only time they can pay less than instructed on the DEO is if your wages drop and taking the full amount asked for on the DEO would breach your protected earnings (60% of your net pay that month or week) then they pay the difference between the protected earnings and your net pay … if they pay short one month due to protected earnings being breached they shoudl make up the shortfall the following month if your earnings go back up … situations which cause a short term drop in wages would be where you were on unpaid leave or sick and in receipt of reduced wages (ssp etc)

    if your employer does not understand the deo they can phone the employer helpline – if they decide not to pay for reasons other than protected earnings they are committing a criminal offence and can be fined

  • Carol says:

    The debt does not have to be repaid within 24 months, that is a management steer that the CSA want but there is nothing in legislation about the timescale to pay arrears.

    Your employer should be leaving you with 60% of your salary. There are effectively 2 calculations on the DEO, one being your monthly payments, the other being the minimum you are allowed to keep. Hopefully your employer is reading this properly as my partner had a problem with his employer who were leaving him with protected income, instead of taking the monthly payment.

  • browned off says:

    Carol is correct. Arrears do not have to be paid off within 24 months. This is what the CSA wish you to think. The welfare of children should indeed be top priority, but the CSA has no way of knowing if the child maintenance is actually spent on the children. While there is no accountability there will always be resentment.

  • aaron says:

    csa has to change im getting seriously unwell i have always paid csa and paid with my money christmas birthdays days out and also my ex has a son with a other father and ive treat him to but ex has been given more money now with new assesment and it leaves me in a lot of trouble not fair children money should be what is right.please some one help make our future better now me and my ex dont taik over money.its not fair on the kids.

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