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Money grabbing ex using the CSA

I got my assessment letter from the lovely CSA as my EX has said that she hasnt been paid any money for my daughter which is untrue. Im also currently in the process of court proceedings as im fighting for custody of my daughter as my EX has invovled her im numerous fights in which my daughter has got injured.

My Ex is getting 3x the amount from me and my family in which i have 3 kids and one of them is disabiled and the CSA have taking into account the child tax credit and the disability element of tax credit.

They also have said that i only get my daughter 52 night a year but i have a court order saying that i have her more than that so i have written a 3 page letter and put in 10 pages of evidence showing everything that they have messed up on.

One thought on “Money grabbing ex using the CSA

  1. Get all your paperwork together and go see your mp asap, also get in a complaint letter to the csa, stating that you have no option bit to get the mp involved, and threaten them with the independent case examiner if your complaint isn’t upheld. Always send copies and never speak to the idiots on the phone as you get differents advice. Good luck.

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