Money gone from my wages was first I knew about CSA

March 15, 2012

Two years and six months ago i noticed that £500 had gone from my wages with court order next to the amount.I had no idea what this was and contacted my wages department for a reason,they said they would check and get back to me. After about 6 months they finally told me it was for the CSA.I then contacted the CSA to enquire why they were taking this amount of money without contacting me,or without finding out any of my present circumstances.

They said that they had been unable to contact me and that this amount was for arreas owed.I explained that this was too much every month as i had to pay rent,utilities,food,petrol and for my wife and child.I also explianed that this had been leaving me with a deficit every month and i was having to borrow money from my parents just to afford to live.

They told me that they could reduce the amount to £273 a month and that was as low as i could get as tha arreas must be paid back in 2 years.I explained that this was still too much as it would only leave me £310 to live on after i paid the rent and coucil tax,(basically i was told tuff luck).So for two years i have been paying and struggling but could,as the months went by see light at the end of the tunnel. I phoned again in november 2011 just to ask why they were still taking out the money as i thought it was finished,they told me that there debt recovery department said that the payments were due to end march 2012 and that this final payment would be £120…finished.

I have just received my wages bill for march 2012 and found that i still have £273 taken from it…..what can i do,can i ask them to reimburse me,can i take them to court if needed,can thay suddenly tell me that the payments will continue? Your help will be very much appreciated.


  • Carol says:

    Get in touch and ask them why they are still collecting. No doubt they have probably found other arrears, as they often do. Let them know you will be following this telephone call through with a letter and would prefer that they done the same so you have a record of everything.

    Are you having to pay ongoing maintenance as well as arrears? I have noticed that sometimes once this happens the CSA advise they cannot reduce the amount being paid as it will cause financial hardship to the PWC. Never mind what you have went through paying it in the 1st place!

    Going to Court not always the answer as it would appear the CSA are higher than the Court sometimes.

    Ask the CSA when you contact them for a Statement of Breakdown of Arrears and Payments and double check it against what has been paid.

    The CSA are a law unto themselves and are unfair to eveyone involved. YOu are better to have as much as possible in writing and ask them to do the same so they cannot backtrack on anything.

  • Brett says:

    Jon. I like thousands of others know what your going through. Your PAYE and like me a sitting duck for the CSA to target.
    Good sound advice from Carol. I wouldn’t hold your breath that your going to get anywhere, but follow Carol’s advice.

  • keely says:

    hi i hope you have better luck than me and my husband as the csa have contacted him to say he say overpaid by £9000 and that his payment will be going down to £10 a week 10 weeks on they still taking 50 a week when contacting the csa they say our case worker is not in and i wil have to phone again i have been ringing every 2 days with no luck they are a complete waste of time

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