Money from ex goes in daughter’s trust fund

May 30, 2012

My husband left me and my 3 year old daughter 7 months ago before which we had decided that it was best for me to give up work as I had experienced two miscarriages and work was very stressful. I just need to know what benefits I am entitled to.

Currently, I receive £80 per month but it goes straight to my daughters trust fund. Could you tell me how to re-direct this to my bank account please?

Also please advice of any other benefits I may be entitled to.

Many thanks


  • Carol says:

    There is a website called “entitled to” which should run a benefits check for you.

    You would be entitled to tax credits, child benefit etc. but best to google “entitled to” and enter your personal information

  • Alice says:

    My husbands ex recieves Housing benefit,poll tax benefit,JSA,Child benefit and Child tax credits.She also recieves £104 per month CM from us and a further £170 per month from her 2nd ex husband.Ring the Benefits office to see what claim you can make.

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