Mistakes made by the CSA

April 13, 2012

I have been the parent with care since 1997 and have had issues with the csa since that time.My ex is a doctor but has worked as a locum during much of the time and therefore classed as self employed. However the csa have had the opportunity to get some of the £32,000 arrears that he owes me but because of errors have not, I have tried to get them to pay as they are responsible but have not had any success.

In 1999 my ex told the csa that he had given me £4,000 in voluntry payments, the csa never confirmed this with me and I had no idea that this sum had been taken off the arrears until I recieved an account breakdown in 2007 and was shocked to see this. I complained and this amount was returned to arrears but too late to get the money from a lump sum he had been paid.

I also complained about a decision not to reassess him after I had reported a change in his circumstances. The csa told me that they were changing thier systems and would not look at any old cases, again someone from the appeals unit looked into this and overturned their decision and backdated the assessment adding another large ammount to arrears, again to late to get anything from him.

Since 2007 I have had my case moved from one depatment to another, I have made numerous complaints and have been told the case is going to collections and legal action will be taken only to be told that another department has to look at the case and this will take another 3 months, every time I phone I seem to get fobbed off with “I will put a comment on the file”.

Over the years I have got further in debt and am beginning to wonder if I will ever see this money, my children are now 15 and 16. I would like some advise about who i should talk to about my issues with the csa and getting the arrears from my ex. Hope someone can help.


  • Hi Fiona,
    Your case sounds very similar to mine my ex has paid nothing for 18 years and he is a multi millionaire. The csa have been a nightmare to deal with and failed to collect payments from him. I am now taking him to court myself and have a really good solicitor who is expert in csa he has won cases and has a good reputation.
    All I can say is don’t give up take him to court he owes you and your children that money and you deserve it
    Good luck

  • fiona miller says:

    thanks for your comments it does help to know i’m not tthe only person going trough this. I have no money to pay a solicitor so I am forced to rely on the csa, one of the case workers mentioned that the csa would end up paying me the money but I don’t know how to go about this. Any advice welcome.

  • Joseph Mifsud says:

    hi there,my case has been closed as im no longer liable to pay however,even though i paid the csa on time every time by standing order and on occasions got a cheque back from them saying id overpaid,i paid the amount required by them and they claim i still owe nearly £500 this figure came to light because of the refunds,they are now saying i owe them back ????????? appeal is in progress,if any one out there in the same situation please e mail me,id love to hear from you.

  • melanie byers says:

    i have been to hell and back for being the caring mum to my two children ,from from my marriage and my other child from my xpartner ,, my ex husband when to town and bk to asking me to not go to the csa ,but he would not keep up with paying to help with things for our son ,so i when to the csa ,for abit i had money from him ,but he cut his hours to not have to pay me so much ,now hes lost his job .but got pay money and a pay off from his works ,,but csa said i wont get anymoney this month ,date being 23 and this month money would be pay at the end of the month ,its just stops as they say hes not got any money ,HELLO do i have money NO and i too have bills ,,food to buy clothes to buy for our son ,so un fair … my xpartner has never pay ,its not two years since and csa are still at the same gate they were two year ago he has the famliy bussiness and keep moving ,even that they get to find where hes living he gets away with it has he wont give them books to see what he makeing with in the busssiness ,its real gets to me when you hear mums and dads that are doing there best in looking after there children but the xe’s just get away with it and a pat on the back ,,,csa get it right and do your job ,its peep like us you has your jobs in the first place !!!

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