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Maria Miller, former CSA head, using tax payers’ money for her parents’ home

Maria Miller and the £90,000 second home for her parents.

It was nice to see the disgusting ex Minister of the CSA finally getting found out about claiming this money for a home her parents live in, tax payers money.

After overseeing the disgusting department that has cost the economy a small fortune and denied any working NRP an opportunity to a life following divorce, I hope she goes to jail, also our new minister Steve Webb has previous in this area.

How in Gods name can anyone vote for these people, Government morals are long gone.

They say it’s ok as it is legal and allowed for an MP to claim this. Time they changed the law then as this in the current climate is totally unacceptable Do you not think?….

21 thoughts on “Maria Miller, former CSA head, using tax payers’ money for her parents’ home

  1. Margaret Moran, Labour M.P. fiddled expenses to the tune of £53,000, and played the ‘mental illness’ card, to avoid incarceration, and her friends in the judiciary, allowed her to get off scott free.

    if you look at who has been in charge of DWP recently, Purnell ( resigned because he saw the ill treatment of nrp’s), Yvette Copper ( did not reply to my letter), Maria Miller (did not reply to my letter), and Duncan Smith (did not reply to my letter).

    They will all reap what they have sewn, when nrp;s eventually get the upper hand and make a break through in the courts, as they have recently with wrongful imprisonment, without giving their victims their rights in being tried by a jury of their peers!

    We are all on the right road, and must keep plugging away and exposiing the illegal misgivings of this corrupt, bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Quote Stuart; Government morals are long gone…

    I’m not so sure there have ever really been any – we’re just finding more out these days.

    It’s ridiculous! Silver spooned, crooks in suits.

  3. ‘How in Gods name can anyone vote for these people’
    I don’t.
    Gave up on the Con/Lab/Libs years ago.
    If you want change, change your vote!

  4. I so agree with everything above, I spoke with Maria Miller on Vanessa Feltz show about the CSA along with my colleague and now friend and fellow campaigner Lisa Hunter – Maria Miller could not answer any of our questions.

    My MP James Clappison once told me I knew more about the CSA than he did and he was once under secretary of state for DWP!

    We need a brave and resilient media company to publish what is going on to many of us, my case is now closed but on the facebook groups I and others have set up, we offer advise and support and hopefully it will help some people.

    It was a Tory Government who set this up that was set to fail – look at most of their policies – yes they are in it together with their fiddling and lies. Us ‘civilians’ have to support their lifestyle, so wrong, getting more and more like Hitler Germany which I thought was something we never wanted to happen again.

    On that thought, I do hope you all have a Happy Christmas.

  5. Very well put, Karen.

    Just get off first base would be a start, but I would like CSA exposure to go further, right to the top, including politicians who have allowed this ‘flawed’ legislation onto the statute books, and that has caused so much suffering to those who are unfortunate to be embroiled in what is a complete shambles!

    Whay happens between responsible parents, regarding their children, is for them to sort out, through mediation or the courts, with professional, legal advice where necessary.

    My personal life does NOT belong in the hands of incompetent, pen-pushing oafs! That breaches my Human rights!

  6. Any news on another M.P. who is defrauding the system to their own advantage, or is this another ‘let off’ case, where the matter is ‘brushed under the carpet’, and they get away with it?

  7. “stuart on February 20th, 2013 4:26 am

    All gone quiet as the cover up begins”

    Its how the whole system works. The csa is nothing more than a ‘sham’ designed to keep low grade civil servants in employment, the Miller woman is the token female given a top job because she is a friend of a friend of a friend and knows how to keep her mouth shut, not that she is bright enough to ‘blow the whistle’, and as cameron stated that they are “all in it together” they all collude to keep the whole thing ticking along nicely while we pay for it.

    Do a search for ‘common purpose’ and you will start to get the picture.

    At least thats my view. I could be wrong.

  8. Any news on this stuck up thieveing bitch yet, or have they buried all the evidence?

  9. Of course they look after their own in Cameron’s world, The man has no clue, fraud is ok in their world which is why the CSA thrives so well under them.

  10. Hi

    This is the last I read about it… no surprises though…. they always look after their own….

    “The Daily Telegraph has established that between 2005 and 2009, Mrs Miller claimed her “main home” for the purposes of parliamentary expenses was a rented cottage in her constituency.

    A spokesman for Mrs Miller said: “Mrs Miller’s elderly parents have lived with her family for nearly two decades, an arrangement that has been in place long before she was elected as an MP seven years ago.

    “(Her) financial arrangements have been audited twice, and have been found to be wholly proper and above board. She sought guidance from the fees office in regard to her expenses and acted in accordance with that. Any suggestion her arrangements are questionable is simply untrue.”

  11. So using tax payers money to put up her parents in a rent free house is not questionable.

    This government and many before it are it appears not asking the right questions then. Tax payer will keep them all snug while they screw the lasy penny out of us all.

  12. @ stuart – and if that isn’t bad enough… we have to listen to the plebs who work for the CSA telling us that we are ‘non-compliant’ while they are manipulating information and facts to make us non-compliant and…. there seems to be nothing we can do about it!!!

    We are paying them to steal from us….. how sick is that!!!

  13. Sally

    I have no more words for these scum to be honest, I see the smug MP’s on TV and will never vote for one, as for the CSA when faced with clear evidence they deny it be it recorded or written evidence they just apologise and say we made an error. It is peoples lives they are ruining and can not wait to be free of them soon, I am happy to pay for my Kids but not for their mistakes at the CSA.

  14. My sentiments exactly… I’m an NRPP and I don’t have any kids of my own but I love my partners kids and would do anything for them… The CSA is not about the kids at all…. My partner was suicidal because of his ex and eventually left her… She used the kids to hurt and manipulate him when he left.. He was paying her slightly more than CSA dictated but was struggling to do so but the CSA didn’t care… Either did his ex, she never told the kids their dad was giving her hundreds of pounds every month (without fail since the day he left)…

    The ex got worse when I came along and for almost 3 years we (including the kids) were living a nightmare due to lies and the CSA… False arrears were the final straw, we sold up, put everything in my name, he became a student and his ex now gets £5 a week… The kids on the other hand go shopping with their Dad once a month and have never been happier… His daughter is old enough to understand what is going on and wants to see us, regardless of what her Mum says…. Their Mum didn’t spend the child maintenance payments on them, it was spent on her!!

    It galls me that most people assume that because a female gives birth it makes her a decent person with morals… Thousands of females have kids to get money and don’t put their kids first… They are the ones that hurt and use the kids to get back at their ex…. Ive had Alice and Chall both berating me for taking money from the PWC!?! Gobsmacked doesnt cover it…. The kids are happier and get lots more from their Dad, but that doesnt count to people that are brain washedCSA staff…

    My wee rant over… 🙂

  15. Self serving, self ingratiating Politicians, whose only remit is to line their own pockets and aid the lobbyists, in order to further their own finances. Answerable to nobody in the very own little club.

    Bulldoze Parliament, and boot this lot out, and start afresh with genuine people who want to serve their communities for the right reasons and not serve their own self interests.

    The country goes to the dogs and they debate ‘gay marriage’…I wonder why?

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