Making the wrong payments

August 15, 2011

CSA were taking £74 a month from my £634 net monthly pay. Suddenly they ring up and demand an on the phone card payment of £210 to cover arrears. What arrears?!! I have paid everything they have asked, given proof of earnings etc and they have not notified me of any arrears. Then they tell me there has been a change in my circumstances and I now must pay £188 a month from my £634 monthly net pay. I have queried this, sent proof of earnings, told them how much this is causing me hardship, but they will not listen.

Why can’t they take my P60 proof of year’s earning to work out the current year’s payments, and this years’ P60 statement to work out next year’s? It is so simple, but they would rather go all around the houses, getting it all wrong and causing no end of problems and hardship.


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  1. John on August 16th, 2011 8:39 pm

    Firstly make a complaints to CSA complaints dept. Secondly, make a complaint to the independent case examiners office (ice). then go to your M.P.and pour it on.

    Ask the CSA for full disclosure of all documents and calculations for the alleged arrears.

    Don’t deal with them by phone. Writing only, as you want documentary evidence when they reply!

    Finally, when your complaints are resolved write to Duncan-Smith at the DWP and let him know what a complete shambles the CSA is!

    Good Luck!

  2. peter on September 2nd, 2011 5:44 pm

    im going through exactluy the same a letter came through this month stating that i owed £760 from march this year 2011 i phoned them and enquired why i have recieved this notice and thay stated they have not recieved any money from march 2011 from my employer ( money come straight out of my wages) i saw the c;lerk atr work who showed me the paperwork showing money sent to csa every month. i then phoned them again with this info and they then stated ohh we have this money from your employer but this is monies owed from 2008,
    ive looked through my paperwork and seen i had a statement adjustment in august 2009 for roughly this amount, so they said this is wrong i have not paid any adjustments at all because in june 09 they sent me a cheque for £293 as id overpaid (never recieved this cheque) and again a cheque in june this year for £44 as id overpaid again they said on the 15 of august they will not talk to me anymore until i recieve my statement of account (WHICH TO THIS DAY I RANG UP FOR 3 TIMES AND STILL NOT RECIEVED) in the mean time £200 per week is not taken form my account to cover the short fall leaving me to live on £260 PW i also find out that the oerson dealing with my account is only a part time person working 2 – 3 days a week?????????


  3. Terry on September 22nd, 2011 5:21 pm

    The CSA are just a shambles. My net pay is roughly 1200 and my morgage is 460 a month. I have to pay csa 400 a month. Ive complained to them and even got the local mp to contact them but still no joy.

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