Lying ex told CSA that I never paid a penny when I did

November 6, 2017

I split with my ex in Sep 2012. I was a full time student doing a teaching degree. I used the CSA calculator to work out what I’d pay if I was on minimum wage at 40 hours a week. My student loans and grants came to £12,481 per year. Each time I got paid my loans I gave her £1500 from this which over a year came to more than 3 years worth of payments according to the Csa website.

I picked up a part time job on a zero hour contract to help pay my living costs and travel to uni work and my placement. I met someone else and I Be I’d moved in with her my ex told the Csa I’d not paid a penny since leaving. The Csa believed her and despite having a bank statement to show the bank transfers each time the guy at the Csa said tough not my problem!

So they started taking it from my earnings. I also had 4 step kids to support and a baby on the way but they would not take these into account. Then in January last year they stopped taking from my wages. 7 months later they said i owes them £1500 then £2100 and then £3400 all of which in their fees which they failed to collect from my wages. They took over £800 in 4 weeks and since January this year have been taking £91-£92 per week off of me. I work for an agency earning £300 per week and I have student loans and my living expenses to pay out. Currently I have to rent a room as I can’t afford my own place now which I could if I wasn’t paying as much as I am.

And my ex doesn’t let me see the kids. She has since had a child with someone else who has taken the responsibility of bringing up my kids and I believe she’s has now married him as her surname has changed. A lot of people have said that because of this I no longer have to pay but I’m not so sure about that. I have no way of contacting her and with the Cms taking over in January 2018 I’m worried that she won’t accept a lesser amount now as she’s been use to getting £91-£92 per week. And I can’t contact her if I wanted to. What can I do ?


  • David says:

    Hi James

    The first piece of advice I wish to give you is that the CMS cannot calculate child support retrospectively so if that has been the case, you must challenge it.

    Secondly, it appears you have been paying excessive amounts in child maintenance. You need someone to look into this for you.

    Finally, you can get access to your children through the courts. There is no correlation between the payment of child support and contact with children. This is unfortunate, however.

    You need help with all of the above and so I suggest you seek professional help with this and you can contact me in that regard by dropping me an email at [email protected]


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