Lost my home because refused to pay Child Support

August 25, 2011

I started my claim for child support from my ex partner in 2008.

I received 4 payments, the last being £13.99 over 2 years ago. I contact the csa on a regular basis only to be told there is a change of circumstances… again!

My ex has always worked, i knew this for definate but the csa were just taking his word that he wasn’t. I complained to an independant authority about the way the csa had handled my case. On the 7/7/2011 i received letters from the csa informing me that my ex was working, which i knew, and now owes me arrears of over £4000.00.

To me this is just a piece of paper with words on it. I rang the csa and asked them how they intended to recover this money and once again was fobbed off with them saying it was with their collections dept and they couldnt tell me anything.

In the 3 years + that i have been waiting for child support i have had my house repossessed owing less to my mortgage company than my ex owes me!

I feel totally let down and something needs to be done.


  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups for advice and support child support agencies failings and others – this is what you need to do –

    complain in writing, send recorded deliver, keep diary and log of calls, etc.
    ask for special payments – compensation
    contact ICE Independent Case Examiner to complain about the CSA
    ask for a departure hearing – appeal tribunal
    find whatever info you can on him and then see if you can get the Criminal Compliance unit involved who work with the credit ref agencies.
    Does he have property? a director in a company, many bank accounts, etc.,
    Ask for advance payment – lump sum –
    Good luck, dont give up

  • Alice says:

    if your ex has outstanding arrears owing to yourself then the case will be with the debt enforcement section, if he is working then they can impose a Deduction of Earnings Order and can take a maximum of 40% of his net weekly income in respect of regular maintenance and arrears. If your ex leaves that job the DEO will become ineffective, they will need to trace his new employer and impose a new DEO, this can take time to trace a new employer but they should be able to impose a new DEO as soon as they have ascertained his new income.

    The arrears will continue to accrue and the csa will continue to try to recover these on your behalf. If you have any information regarding his current employer you should pass this on to the agency immediately as this could cut down the timescale

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