Looking forward to seeing CSA in court

July 17, 2015

Having paid in full for many many years, never having missed a payment, (which can,has,and will be confirmed. even by my ex to the csa)and after threating letters etc and phone numbers that dont exsist so one can respond within the week requried to stop legal action, these bumbling Legalized robbers are once again threating to take me to court for arrears I do not owe.

GOooooOD. in fact they owe ME money. So bring it on boys, see ya all court.

This is going to be fun. Will keep ya all informed.


  • bob says:

    Remember to write a letter that specifically states that if their case is unsuccessful they will be liable for your costs plus additional costs in relation to undue stress and anxiety in the amount of £500

    That way you have a conditional acceptance to have them pay

  • John says:

    Good luck E. A.!

    Play them at their own game, and make an absolute mockery of them in court.

    Get the names of the adjudicators and ask them for their oath of office. They are probably bogus officials. If that is the case then they have no jurisdiction over you, and it may be a matter for the police?

    Invoice them for your costs, and raise the case with your M.P. to demonstrate that ordinary, decent, hard working people are not taking this shit any more from grade one office clerks!

  • Andrew Connor says:

    After years of CSa hell I received a letter saying I owed my ex £25000 in 2007 we had agreed to direct payments but the CSa had continued to accrue arrears as it turns out the CSa won’t write to you if you have a debt collection ongoing as they want you to pay that first so i happily paid my ex £200 pm for 5 years when all the time she had lied and knew that the CSa arrears was accumulating . The CSa would ring me and I would confirm I was paying her obviously they don’t believe the nrp cause we all lie and the pwc tell the truth the CSa would then contact my ex and she would deny payments

    For some reason I owe my ex 12000 and the Secretary of State £8000 for 1 year I was on job seekers but the CSa still had my payments at £93 pw

    My ex has a 5 bed house is a professional and I have nothing I had to go bankrupt 12 years ago but at that time the CSa were still demanding £83 pw

    I have gone to the independent tribunal which by the way isn’t independent they have upheld my complaints but I still owe the arrears I shall be paying them until I’m 90

    My ex the pwc has had to provide no evidence she is believed I have proven to them that she has lied I am hoping I have my day in court

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