Longstanding and terrible experience of the CSA

February 5, 2014


I have had a long standing and terrible experience of the CSA.

I became aware of having been deceived about paternity many years ago and have had no contact with twins since and also many years past. I was unable to afford a private DNA test at the time and went to my MP in 2007 who made enquiries to the CSA who in turn replied that it was down to me to get a test done or apply to court.

I am not on the birth certificate and apparently meet all the criteria to dispute paternity with the CSA but they will do nothing.

However after these dealings through MP the CSA just seemed to vanish. I had no contact from them for nearly eight years and was paying a small amount in maitenance, which more or less confirmed my suspicions about paternity.

That was until the end of last year.

Two things happened, one was a letter out of the blue from the mother saying she was emigrating to the USA and needed me to counter-sign this announcement as something to do with US immigration, which I didn’t.

The other from the CSA who had a repayment of 200 or so as over the years some invented arrears from 2004 had been paid off and over payments had built up.

They then invented a salary for me and started chasing for 2800. I told them that twins were then 16 and not likely to be in FE as of plans to go to USA and that shouldn’t maintenance payments end but no they said child benefit still being paid and maintenance will continue until twins are 20.

I have engaged a solicitor but straight away things started being done behind the scenes, which from experience is on account of the fraud around late fathers Will which the mother is a beneficiary and lawyers seem to have great deal of liability but have never managed to get anything to stick.

Lawyer this time has had dealings with CSA over the phone?! and CSA have again announced that its down to me to go to court as mother now unwilling to do DNA test.

Lots of the above nothing to do with CSA I know but it all seems connected, anybody got any ideas of how to get out of this mess?


  • Vicky says:

    The CSA should contact the parent with care and if she doesn’t agree to take a DNA test they can close the case from the initial effective date of your case. If she provides what they deem as “suitable evidence” they can refuse to revise your initial effective date and issue you with your section 20 appeal rights – at that point you can go to the court with this letter to carry out the DNA testing through them.

  • Woody says:

    Hi guys,
    Be aware Vicky may be a csa troll, and not an ex csa worker, and definateley not here to help.
    Be careful,

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