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Locked out of my own CSA account

I have contacted the CSA today gave them my nino date of birth of my child etc . I am the parent with care I haven’t had any money from her father for over 2 years now.

He was unemployed but now i have heard that he’s working. the CSA wouldn’t continue with my case because they said I answered the security questions wrong? its been that long that i have probably forgotten some.

I am stuck on what else to do now as my child’s father isn’t paying anything for her.

Can you please advice me on what I should do next?

2 thoughts on “Locked out of my own CSA account

  1. Hi my names is Leanne cameron I have block my Csa account it was to see how I can unblocked it I was to see my x partner his paid his child maintenance payment for my two boys if you could get back to me thank you

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