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Lies and cover-ups we wish to bring to light

Hi, our matter with the CSA has been on going since 1999 and still remains unresolved until date. The CSA actually deducted earnings from my fathers account which meant that he had to cease trading of his business.There had been several reported change of circumstances with the CSA failed to take into account. At the time the court actually granted a life style reward.

We have successfully appealed the departure decision at a tribunal hearing in 2012 which meant that the departure decision dropped from 2009 onwards. We are still fighting to drop the departure decision from where the departure was applied in 2003. The PWC has consistently lied and deceived the courts on believing her sob stories, it did catch up with her eventually. Our next battle is to drop the departure decision from the day it was applied as the CSA had made grave mistakes which lead to an unjust result. We now wish to bring the lies of the PWC’s and the cover up of the CSA to light. Is this something you can help with.

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