Let him build a relationship with his son

November 15, 2014

Our problem is not so much the CSA as the courts and banking system. My husband’s son was taken against his wishes to live in Australia. This was done via the courts. In order to get us to agree she promised to establish contact between them which she had always withheld (even though he has always paid).

She went and then withdrew contact. We do not know where she is even – other than she is in Australia as the Australian CSA make us pay them. We have to pay bank charges to our bank and the CSA charges a fee for the privilege too and there is no other way to make the payment. Over the years the UK courts have not helped one bit and the rights are always on the side of the parent with custody – publicity goes with them too.

I have four children from previous relationship and not once have I allowed the CSA or the courts to take over, nor have I prevented Dad from seeing the children. Shame on all the (usually) women who use their kids as a weapon and cash generator.

Now my husband probably won’t ever get the chance to build a relationship with his son. I just hope his mother has cause one day to feel bad for what she has done to her own child. We couldn’t afford to visit him anyway but it would be nice to know that it was possible.