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Large payment arrears from the Child Support Agency

I am a mother of three children, two of which my ex husband is the father of. We have an account set up with the child support agency, but there are arrears of about 6 weeks (roughly £400 worth) of child maintenance payments that my ex husband has missed – and is refusing to pay. We have got to the stage of considering enforced payments, but he is refusing to cooperate on all levels and I am left in a tremendously difficult financial situation.

Whilst the Child support agency have tried to resolve this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to contact my ex partner and I fear that this arrear will never be cleared. I have been unable to work myself for a number of years now due to medical reasons – so quite understandably, the weekly payments of £70 are significant to my household income. I would really appreciate some help and advice on what I can do to speed up the process of retrieving the money that is owed, perhaps through court.

I know for sure that my ex husband works full time, owns a car and lives alone, so this manner in which he is refusing to pay is completely uncalled for.

My family and I have been feeling quite at loss over this situation, and it is time that we called for extra help – because the child support agency have just dragged out the issue over months without doing anything to actually solve it. If an advisor could get in touch with me by email or phone, that would be very highly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Irina Volchkova

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  1. IN all honesty I cannot believe the CSA have considered enforcement action for £400! Unless your ex does this quite a bit?

    The CSA are a law to themselves. Is your ex in employment or self employed? If he is in employment then the CSA should be able to approach his employer and lodge a DEO to collect payments.

  2. Hi,

    Unlike a lot the people on this website who are just moaning about how much they are paying and how unfair things are, I hope I can provide some insight as I have had first hand dealing of this.

    What will happen is that failure to make payments can result in a deductions of earnings order for non compliance (if your ex-partner is employed or a director of a ltd company). If your ex-partner is not willing to negotiate any arrears then this DEO will be implemented and collect these arrears at 40% of this wage, and your regular maintenance on top. There is certain paperword that must be issued in order for this to be put in place, a warning if you will.

    Self-employed can involve

    Don’t worry about the arrears not ever being cleared as these will stay with him as long as the case is open.

    Sometimes it can be dragged out over a lengthy period, but there are many factors for why this could be, not all of which can be explained to the ex-partner, so stay strong, keep phoning in and making your voice heard and work will be done on your case (which i sure it is) ask who is dealing with your case in particular.

    Hope that helped.

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