Kids are not mine

August 24, 2011

Just trying to find out where I stand. Spoke to CSA and said take legal advice???

In 83/84 met this girl, 1985 1st child born, second child born in 86. Married late 86, divorced 87 due to as she says didn’t love me!!.

Anyway paid CSA out of wages, then from myself & my new wifes income (married her in 89). I had two children to my second wife but still provided them with money.

Anyway yesterday (18th Aug 2011) was told that the two children from first wife were not mine…. Said had DNA test to prove they were not.

Can I claim the money I paid to the CSA for first wife as real father never paid a penny and she knew they were not mine when the first was born and never told me.

Many thanks in advance



  • rach says:

    oh im so sorry that is just so terrible to find out like that did you still have contact with the children?. unfortunately idont think you can claim back anything from the csa as parentage was accepted by you at the time. You could try sueing your ex for paternity fraud and claiming the money back that way although i read in paper some poor bloke had tried to sue his ex for same thing but failed as judge ruled it was not in interests of child whom he still had regular contact with and who called him dad. If your ex denied you contact then you may have case against her but not against csa they are too untouchable anyway

  • KB my heart goes out to you i am going through almost the same, only diffrence is that my ex denies that i have them as often as i do thus claims more from the csa . but now wants a dna test !!! . i know that dont make sence but thats the facts.

    Has any one tried to serch the net for any articles where a woman has been charged with fraud as a result of a faulse claim to the csa.
    if you have post the links

  • jo says:

    I know this is an old post, but yes you can have your ex for paternity fraud. Two men recently have successfully won their cases and each awarded significant amount of money for anguish caused.

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