Kerry Katona’s money woes continue

May 11, 2011

Kerry Katona’s money struggles look set to continue as her ex-husband, Mark Croft, has been ordered to pay just £1.66 per week in child support for each child. The Child Support Agency is said to have fixed the fee as Croft claimed that he was only earning £75 a week by working in a cafe.

It has been alleged that, while Croft is only paying the small sum of £1.66, he is still driving around in an A4 Audi convertible with a personalised license plate and still likes to takes frequent trips to the Canary Islands. Croft, who split up with Katona in 2010, has two children from that marriage and also has a son from a previous marriage. This means that he only has to pay £1.66 in child support to him as well.

Kerry Katona’s troubles deepened as she also made a loss on the sale of her Cheshire mansion. She is finally rid of the house, but made a substantial loss on the deal after accepting £1,025,000. The house will hold some bad memories for the star as it was where the videos of her doing cocaine were published to the internet in 2009 and, in 2007, she was confronted by three armed burglars.

She is currently renting a 6 bed roomed house in Surrey for £5,500 a month. She moved into the house in February after agreeing to share the rent with her management Can Associates and the move was chronicled in her popular ITV2 show Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter.


  • John says:

    Where I have absolutely NO interest whatsoever in Katona. It says it all about the CSA. They won’t go after a wealthy bloke driving a snazzy car, who has a legal team…………….that’s too hard for them.

    It’s much easier picking on ‘joe bloggs’ in the street, who can’t fight back, and who is a much easier target or a ‘sitting duck’!

    Why would the CSA want to spend time on a difficult case, when the can repeatedly target the easy ones?

  • Jamie cornford says:

    Your right there it says more about the fact if you dont want to see your kids you dont pay. The people who want to see there kids and understand we need to pay we get stung think i will be still paying them till the kids get to there mid thirties

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