Keith MacDonald costs the taxpayer £1,000,000

May 1, 2008

Keith MacDonald is 22, jobless and is the father of seven kids with seven different women. He seduces teenage girls on buses, gets them pregnant and then leaves them with child.

Keith even caused one girl to miscarriage through the stress he caused her. He’s been to jail, and has two restraining orders against him from two seperate women. Worse still, he spends what money he has on himself, fruit machine and cigarettes, and refuses to pay for any of the children.

I don’t pay anything for any of my kids. I don’t see them, so why should I?” he sneered. “They get benefits. They get looked after.

I don’t really know most of them. They are just kids I sometimes see when I am out shopping or walking round town.

Why aren’t the child support agency forcing this waster to pay for his kids? The fact that he has no money goes some way to explain it, but why hardworking, loving fathers are forced to live in poverty because of the CSA, where as lazy, work shy scum like Keith MacDonald get away without paying a penny.

Keith even says he doesn’t care that he burdens the country with his brood, and he’ll continue to get more girls pregnant.

I will probably have more. Buses are great places to chat up girls. They never seem to say no to me. I am quite good looking and have a good sense of humour and blue eyes.

I tell them I won’t use a condom because it’s like stepping into a bath with a sock on.

But they still have sex with me. So it’s really not my fault. I want to bring up a kid properly but I just haven’t met the right person.

All of his girlfriends have one thing in common, they’re all jobless single mothers.

As every girl is allowed £18 per week in child support, £46 in tax credit and £50 income support; benefit for each of them until the children are 18 coupled with Keith MacDonald’s lifetime of benefits means the scrounger will cost the British tax payer £1,000,000.

The jobless scum comes from Washington, Tyne and Wear. His first child was born in 2001, to Michelle Purvis. Michelle says:

Everyone thought I was leading him astray. I haven’t seen him since my child was born—and I never want to see him again.

His second victim was 16 year old Charlotte Anderson. She left Keith after he punched her in the stomach.

I had so much trouble from him I had to get an injunction against him. He’s not allowed to be within 400 metres of my home. I hope I never see him again.

The same story is repeated for all of his victims, and Keith has now managed to find another stupid girl to knock up. Teenager Stacy Barker is now pregnant with his eighth child.

Will he ever end up paying for his children? Of course not, the CSA would have to be a fair system first.

In an ideal world, Keith would be ‘done’ so that he cannot father any more kids. That wouldn’t sit well with the liberals of this world though.


2 Responses to “Keith MacDonald costs the taxpayer £1,000,000”

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  2. mike hunt on May 19th, 2013 1:05 pm

    Because its easier to squeeze more money out of people who already pay..

    Unfortunately if he is jobless how can they make him pay???????

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