Keep getting fobbed off by the CSA when we call them

December 10, 2012

Been in contact with the CSA since May this year when my ex wife got them involved as she felt she wasnt getting enough under the voluntary arrangement we had.

The CSA have come up with ‘arrears’ of £2495 for the period Sept 07-July 12, however I submitted proof to them in August that payments of £3318 have been made direct to my ex. My fiance rings every week to find out what they are doing about it and is always fobbed off with the promise of a call back.

She has logged every call and letter and has been told there is a completion date on the case of Boxing Day.

We doubt that they will achieve this and we continue to make weekly payments via them in the meantime.

Any help would be appreciated.


Rick Graham


  • KMcQ80 says:

    Never, ever deal with the CSA by telephone!
    Deal only by post.
    Send by recorded delivery and keep a copy of all of your replies.
    File in date order.
    You never get to speak to the same person twice, CSA never return calls, staff either contradict each other or don’t know or understand what they are talking about.
    Get and keep everything in writing as evidence.

  • Richard Graham says:

    the trouble with writing to them is that so far, they have never responded an when they have supposedly written to us we rarely receive it!

    They did manage to send an enforcement notice though and when we rang about that were told it was sent in error as Bolton office hadn’t completed the administration side of the case!!

  • Richard Graham says:

    everyone we spoke to though has agree that it looks like we’ve overpaid!!

  • Alice says:

    Was your case opened in May 2012 or back in Sept 2007? The CSA will only be allowed to collect maintenance from the date that they contacted you to complete the MEF (Maintenance Enquiry Form) – this could be by phone or letter.

    What is your weekly child Maintenance Liabliity and have you made any payments to the agency since you have been in contact with them in May ?

    If the case was set for collection of maintenance to be via the agency and you have paid direct to your ex the CSA accounts will not have these payments going in or out so it will show that you have arrears on your case. What evidence have you supplied to show that you have made direct payments?

    If your ex agrees that she has received the money and that it was for child maintenance she will be asked to sign a declaration and once this is received by the CSA they can adjust the arrears on the case accordingly

  • stuart says:

    Was your case opened in May 2012 or back in Sept 2007? The CSA will only be allowed to collect maintenance from the date that they contacted you to complete the MEF (Maintenance Enquiry Form) – this could be by phone or letter.

    Alice the CSA start a claim then stop. in my case they took 2 years to contact me. I started paying straight away. 8 years later they decide in those 2 years £7k of arrears suddenly needed collecting and with no negotiation took huge sums from my wages. That is how they roll, they put you in crippling debt due to their errors, when you call they fob you off, they lie to MP’s and Ministers, they are corrupt,

    Finally they admit their error but it is now to late, they have alienated all the family and ruined your life, They admit errors but then do not put it right, they will not answer the phone they do not reply to letters.

    Is this what the CSA are designed to do?

    What is your advice on this? My fault for having a child or two? Peoples lives are being ruined and you love it judging by your comments, The CSA and government need to wake up as time is coming near when the people who are suffering will not suffer anymore.

  • Richard Graham says:

    they are saying the arrears date for the period FEB 09 – Sep 12, we’ve sent copies of cheque stubs and my fiancees bank statements showing direct transfers to my ex. This info was signed for at the CSA on 22nd Aug this year and still no recirculation received.

    We were told that a letter was sent to us on 27th Nov but as at today it’s still not arrived, no surprise there.

    They’ve confirmed that the completion date is 26 th Dec, although they are now saying this is only an estimated date!!

    My fiancee has already typed up the first letter to initiate the CSAs complaints procedure and will post it on 27th. We suspect it to take some time and in the mean time I continue to make weekly payments as directed by them. (which are more than the calculator on their own website states they should be)

    We were told on Fri that if they confirm I have overpaid then either payments to my ex will stop completely or be significantly reduced until the overpayment is cleared.

    She’s not going to be happy either way I suspect.

    watch this space!!!!!

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