Justice for fathers? No such thing

August 28, 2013

THE FINAL STRAW! As the ex takes £193 pound off me a month for my daughter who she no longer lets me see, 5 months and counting, the recent bill for £600 payback from inland revenue for benefits my ex received I was not aware of (but in my name also), The £400 a month loan I pay for everything I paid for to provide everything for the home she now shares with a new partner, the court date pending for harassment because I asked too many times for my personal property back and begged to keep my daughter in my life which will result in a jail sentence or a fine I now realise for the first time in my life I am better off not working at all. Justice for fathers? No such thing. Her greed and attitude along with the CSA’s ‘nothing we can do’ attitude means she will get £5 a week from now on. The fight is over.


  • Bella says:

    You can apply for a variation on the amount. If you write to them and request a notice of variation form they have to send it (they never tell you about it) and you can apply to have any payments (loans etc) you currently pay from when you were together taken into account.

  • gonk says:

    yes its fucking disgusting this vermin and some ex’s treat us…Don’t expect the man hater Karen Bedford will furnish this posting with any help or support..youre a nrp lol.

  • terry scott says:

    Dont bother claiming benefits..camp outside your MP home. The CSA are going to get their rewards! Has no one ever found a CSA office and dropped a fag! Imagine someone shooting the place up not sure if its even happened in the USA. The anger towards the staff at the CSA is emense. People who work for the CSA always disguise their jobs as working for the DWP.


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