Just want the CSA to treat me fairly

July 9, 2010

I seperated from my son’s mother 3 years ago. I now have a new partner but no children. My son lives 170 miles from my home.Once a month on a friday after school I travel the distance to collect my son, I then turn around and bring him to my home. I then do the same journey on the Sunday. This involes me travelling a total of 680 miles which takes at least 8 hours, a days holiday once a month and an additional £80-£90 pounds on fuel on top of the £59 a week for child maintenace, also the wear and tear on my car.

I informed the CSA of this as I could not cope and will never not be there for my son.

I did this in October 2007,for a month I heard nothing so I wrote again and again and again. This wasn,t working so I phoned the Belfast branch where my case is dealt with even though I live in England, this just cost loads to phone and I kept getting passed onto person after person who could tell me nothing. I gave up!

Then just when I thought there was no hope in July 2008 I was contacted by a letter sent to the accountant at my work. This said that they have recalculated my money and I will now be paying £105 per week for a year and then £80 a week thereafter. I nearly had a heart atack on the spot. I spent ages on the pnone to despertley tell them about the mistake as my employer had to carry this out by law. After a month or so I found they worked this out by taking 5 weeks pay slips of mine in a row starting from Oct 2007 when I wrote to them. Then adding these together and taking 15% of this figure and divededing it by five and also back dateing this to the present day . Unfortunaley I worked away for one of these weeks which only happens once a year. I explaind this to them and could prove this fact to them with wage slips. But they just refused to do anything and left me with no way to appeal.

Now I really struggle finacially but still see my son. Also I love my new partner so much and she wants kids and so do I even though we have no money. This is a problem because if this hell im in got any worse I dont know waht I would do.

I want to support my child finacially but when my ex and her new partner have a nice house, cars and do things with my son that I cant afford all supported by me and the tax payer as they do not work. Also she refuses to travel any of the distance which a court has ruled in her favour due to being on benifis. It makes me so angry and sad, He is only 4 I dont think I can go on like this, please help.