Just don’t get involved with the CSA

September 27, 2013

My advice to parents before reading this if your going to csa… DONT. shambles of a government agency. trying to stop child poverty – they caused it in my household. Ive got into debt and back out of it. Struggled for 2 years to get absoultley no where with CSA.

Over £3000 in arrears. The father refuses point blank to pay for my child. 2 years this clown has been in and out of work for 3 month periods to avoid paying csa. Ive had 2 jobs, i struggle on an every day basis to pay bills, put food on the table, even pay nursery fees. Ive had excuse after excuse of this clown of a person “thats what you get tax credits for you pay for him!” Comments like this make me so f-ing angry.

Im not going into the past 2 years, last year he stopping a standing order without csas permission, he was still working – no further action taken. He started working again this year earning more than an average wage due to the amount he was receiving csa gave him the sum of just under a £100 per week that was including the minimum amount of arrears you can pay nothing substantial but i wasnt bothered. I got another comment off this scum bag “why should i pay x amount when my sister gets £120 a month and my mates pay £120” well frankly id be happy with that if i was getting it but am i getting a penny? Hell fucking no!!

I was supposed to get a payment in july – it failed no direct debit details.

I contacted my mp really angry now. He passed my complaint to the complaints team and he even said you will get a payment in august unless he cancels the direct debit. Not holding my breath. August came no payment yet again. Complaints team told me “if the payment fails next month, we will do a deduction of earnings order we will send out the warning letter as i hang up this call”
September came – no payment, called the complaints team to be told “no you wont get it plus deduction of earning order hasnt been sent but next month if the payment doesnt come wel do it then”
Fool me once shame on you…. Fool me twice shame on me!!

I was absoultley fuming at this point and told them to shove the money up their arse along with the arrears . Closed the case. The complaints team have done fuck all but stress me out. I passed my complaint to the complaints review team. My mp and to every government body. I intend to contact the ICE and parlamentary ombudsman. This agency is a complete joke along with my childs father. I hate scumbags like this with a passion! Its not all about the money its the principle my sons entitled to it. Ive got in contact with my lawyer today who has offered to fight my case with csa which is strange as lawyers tend not to touch csa with a barge pole but im not willing to reopen the case im disgusted with csa and the way i have been treated and lied to.

The complaints advisor actually had a cheek to ask me “well how are you going to provide for your child? Wer trying to help you” Errrrrr the way i have for 2 years… MYSELF!! Help me csa have stressed me right fucking out! They are in the same category as the scumbags who refuse to pay for their children.


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  1. Anthony Wagstaff on September 27th, 2013 4:48 pm

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  2. Mick Radford on September 27th, 2013 6:56 pm

    my child? if you cannot afford to keep “your” child then give him/her to the father to look after then you can pay maintenance.

  3. Lisa Jane Davies-Dewsnap on September 27th, 2013 9:33 pm

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  4. Macon on September 28th, 2013 7:09 am

    You are correct solicitors don’t normally take Csa cases for NRP but do for PWC as they are a cert to win and the CSA will be hounding your ex for money believe me and if he works he will have to pay so just let these incompetent scumbags do there job and call the solicitor of as I bet you are getting legal aid and the tax payer will be picking up the bill for the CSA and the solicitor !

  5. Anon on September 28th, 2013 10:15 am

    Complaints review team called me this week they are still investigating why no further action had been took and the rest to the point of the stress they have put me under to close this case. My solicitor is telling me to reopen the case and he will fight it, but im at the end of my tether where i never want to deal with csa ever. I have court in a few weeks where my solicitor is going to mention to a judge my childs father has refused to pay and that csa has contacted him on 14 separate occasions and hes refused to pay a one off payment and even cancelled direct debits before a payment is due to come out. CSA may as well throw there rules and regulations book out the window. They have done f all for my child. So much for they can do this, do that… They Cant do anything!! Im not getting legal aid what so ever.

  6. Starz29 on October 6th, 2013 1:19 am

    Mick – i just saw your comment i didnt say i cant afford my child, i work all the hours god sends plus i study for a better life for both myself and my son. I struggle each month but Id rather be on my arse than endure another minute dealing with csa or his father.
    Why would i do that? My sons been in my care 24/7 since the day he was born, when his father saw him it was for 3 – 5 hours max once a week – his choice. Plus he refuses to pay for him and hes not saw him in over 2 months. Again his choice.
    At the end of the day its the principle if you make a child you should pay for him/her. Not leave it to the parent with care so the (non) paying parent reaps all the benefits.

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