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November 26, 2010

If you’re reading this website the chances are, like most people, you’re having some form of problem with the Child Support Agency. You may be a single parent struggling to bring up children and receiving no help from the CSA at all, or you may be a hard working non resident parent receiving demands for money you can’t afford to pay, and most likely do not owe.

This website is filled with thousands of stories like yours, from people in exactly the same position as you, and their experiences will offer valuable help in showing you that you’re not alone in this fight, and there are ways you can prevail.

One way you can get even more CSA help is by joining our Facebook page, where you’ll be able to interact with hundreds of like minded people all after the same thing – justice and fairness for all. By joining our Facebook page you’ll receive daily posts in your Facebook news feed offering stories of hope, tragedy and, in most cases, CSA mistakes and incompetence. If nothing else it will show you that you’re not alone in this fight, and there are others in the same position as you. All you have to do to join our page is visit the page now and click ‘like’ to receive daily updates direct in Facebook, and to interact with people on the page.

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Keep fighting the CSA.


  • graeme mccubbin says:

    Hi I have found a sanctuary of the broken and damned. Well i mean the ripped off an persecuted father/mothers.
    My testimony is no different from the most i read. Delayed contact with the CSA, fake arrears with no explanation , liability order, court hearing, £8668.47 debt i cannot afford to pay. Ex partner claiming sick benefit. Bad times.

    My question is do a percentage of NRP’s get to actually fight their case and win or is it best just to roll over and pay the fictional debt?
    its seems the options to clear the debt may be just as expensive as the fake debt.

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