I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get anywhere

November 27, 2013

I have spend approximately eleven years dealing with the csa for money from the father of my two older children. During this time I have been lied to goodness knows how many times about payment amounts and dates. I have found myself in tears and humiliated by having to put shopping back in stores when I was promised a payment would be in my account on a given date.

I have begged for help from them and still only receive the odd payment never the same amount.All im ever told is theres a change of circumstances and nobody can tell me why I wish I could tell the children sorry no dinner tonight kids theres a change of circumstances!.

I have recently started a complaint im stuck on stage one and was told that someone has to contact me after 15 days of coarse it didn’t happen I have spent time phoning only to go round in circles being passed to everyone and anyone!I have always worked up until three months ago when I became mentally ill and now have to see a phycologist because of the struggle with all this ,the father of my youngest child took his own life two years ago so I really need this money to help with my older children who deserve to at least have a hot meal ,I am owed

somebody help me ive tried everything and still cant get anywhere.


  • Ellie Milao says:

    Yes the father should help towards his children but I’m sure you receive child tax credit and child benefit so why are you not using that to feed your children???

  • Lisa says:

    Which mother relies that much on CSA money that she can’t afford to feed her kids? Maybe your priorities are so wrong, the CSA should have told you never rely on it because it’s never garunteed, if you can’t afford them with all the child benefit and tax credits etc hand them over to dad because he obviously could and most certainly would, what’s betting he wouldn’t use CSA to chase you though

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    Now who is acting like a troll instead of being supportive Lisa?

    – Keep al your CSA paperwork in a well organised file for future reference.
    – log and date all communications with the CSA on a notepad. Ask who you are speaking to every time and write it down. They will only give you their first name unless they are a manager. They will now be a bit more careful with you hopefully. If it still goes wrong then….
    – Use their on-line complaint form. You will get an email with a summary of your complaint for filing https://www2.dwp.gov.uk/csa/v2/en/complaint.asp
    I find they usually are quite good in responding within 15 days. If they don’t complain about not receiving a response to your previous complaint.
    – if no access to internet try sending complaints by registered post
    – if you talk to morons, insist you speak to their manager. Just keep repeating ‘i wish to speak to your managager’ until they put you through. Don’t call them names, they will just hang up and it gets you nowhere.
    – Just be strong and fight for your rights.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    How about writing to the father directly, and try to come to an arrangement financially he CAN afford himself…..the %’s the CSA take bear no meaning on the cost of living of the NRP. For all you know the NRP keeps getting a ‘change of circumstance’ because he can’t afford the % the CSA say he has to pay.

    I am sure if he knew his kids REALLY were as destitute and you were as hard up as you say (and I am NOT judging you or disputing what you say) he WOULD NOT want that! If he has the chance to come to a financial agreement he CAN afford then everyone’s a winner aren’t they. A private arrangement could be the answer.

    If the NRP really doesn’t care if his kids don’t have enough food/clothes then I am afraid you will have to move on and accept he’s a nasty piece of work who won’t even agree to pay ANYTHING – even with the promise you will close the CSA in favour of a more affordable private agreement.

    Either way you must try not to let it get to you and break you. You are stronger and more capable than you think you are! ALWAYS remember that. As Marcus has already stated be strong 🙂

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