I’ve spoken to four different people and not one has given me the right information

July 13, 2013

Hi, my daughter was sleeping over twice a week at her dads, since march she has refused to sleep over again. I phoned the csa to inform them of the change on 26th march, they told me they would get in touch with her father and I would get any money owing backdated.

I have phoned them 4 times since then to see how the case is going each time they say they get quite busy but are only allowed 12 weeks and then it is dealt with. Today is the 12th week so I phoned to enquire if they had been in touch with him yet. the girl said she was really sorry to inform me that It cant happen until I get a court order. I hae phoned 4 different people and not one of them had told me that!! is this true and what should I do if it is? thankyou


  • Mr.Whitey says:

    What you need to do is view the csa scum as an inhuman machine, a machine devised and built by pondlife politicians whose sole aim is to take as much money from the NRP, and give as little as possible, if in fact, any, to the pwc…

    Once you’ve come to grips with this (and yes, I know, it harks back to the robber barons of medieval England, but nevertheless, it’s what’s going on here and now!), everything will begin to make sense!

  • Sally says:

    Hmm shouldn’t you be trying to find out why your daughter doesn’t want to stay with her dad? Why would you contact CSA?

  • Sally says:

    Ah…. Money….. That’s your purpose…. More money….. 🙁

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Only deal with the CSA in writing and by post.
    That way you have written evidence for complaints and if need be legal action for incompetence.
    Next stop is your MP.

  • dai says:

    yes strange? sally may be right – there are lots of unanswered questions – Dad might be telling the CSA correctly that you are not obeying a court order?

    daughter does not want to stay with Dad in March – you ring CSA on 26 March to advise of chhange of circumstances ie no more staying witgh dad = more money for you. how does this all benefit your daughter?

    you must be one of the evidenced cases I was asking Sally for about PWC’s stopping contact for more money?

    if your daughter did not want to go to school you would be round to the
    school asking why not after asking your daughter why first of course?

    if you havecaused this to get more money you are a child abuser of similar school as Vicky Haigh although some may doubt her findings of guilt which we will never know although I am suspicious that other Mothers who have done the same have been rewarded which is what Vicky might have expected – but she forgot that the other Mothers were on legal aid!.

  • brett says:

    So in March your daughter stops staying at her dads and in the same month your on the phone to the CSA. I reckon your thinking money money money. Would love to hear your ex’s version of events.

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