I’ve paid £400 a month for 15 years – how can I owe £1,300?

June 24, 2013

I have been divorced from my ex wife for 15years. We had two children they are now respectively 19 and 17 the 17 year old is in the army and receives a regular wage. For the past 5 years my ex has taken the children away all of the school holidays including Christmas and I have not been able to see them. The 19 year old had a baby last year but goes to school part time.

The CSA are trying to claim that I owe £1300 in unpaid child support. For the past 15 years I have paid £400/month but stopped paying when my eldest reached 18. I haven’t had a holiday abroad for 15 years or been able to contribute to a pension!


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. and ask them to get a full breakdown of your account, including absolute proof regarding CSA allegations of arrears.

    Making a complaint through your M.P. to the Parliamentary Ombudsman regarding maladministration.

    It will probably turn out that the CSA have been ripping you off for years, and that they owe you money!

  • chris jones says:

    first of all you have to pay until they are 19 stupid and unfair but its until they are 19, if 17 year old has a wage you shud have stopped paying for them as soon as they got their first paypacket so how long they been working?? csa owe you then. If you got a pension the csa have to allow for that and your csa would have gone down that is law so you could have had a pension

  • gonk says:

    first of all you have to pay this scum until your CHILDREN are 20…pmsl the rest is just laughable cause its the filth csa just milking you and milking you until they can milk you no more…rather like hanging a tea bag out to dry day in and day out and still trying to get a cup of tea from it…fucking wankers…id not piss on em if they were all on fire and begging to be put out.

  • brett says:

    I had the same problem 5 years ago. The CSA said I owed over £11,000 and that the money was owed to the Secretary of State. Had the threat of baliffs/liability order. Paid the “made up” arrears. However I’m older and wiser now. They better not dare stitch me up like that again !
    Follow the advice given above. Good luck.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    In March/April of every year you should receive a CSA statement of arrears (if any) and monthly payment for the forthcoming year.
    What does your last statement say in the arrears box?

  • brett says:

    Chris Jones…. The CSA raised the age to 20 last December. A child at 20 ??????
    They haven’t even had the decency to write to NRP’s informing them.

  • John says:

    Agree with most of above. Yes, I am about to become a victim of paying from 19 to 20 yrs, whose f–ing brainchild was this one.

    My theory, is this:-

    More and more are making private agreements. Therefore, the work is running out for scum staff, so they invent another year to pay until 20, and associate that with benefits for the PWC. This way they stay in employment and get another year for their gold plated pensions.

    Sir Humphrey is alive and well and running rings around the politicians!

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