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I’ve paid £21,000 in court fees to see my child

I may be a little naive but please correct me if I’m wrong. The CSA clearly seem incompetent.

Is there an opt out option? They have become the one and only option for child maintenance. They have the monopoly in child maintenance matters, for which they seem unqualified or unable to do so properly. They are preparing to take me to court due to non payment. However I have been in communication with them trying to resolve an issue of the wrong assessment for which they can not answer.

Ive sent in information which they claim to have lost. Ive even sent it recorded delivery, but they still dont have some of my documents. i am reluctant to pay into a system that keeps losing data. So until they sort it out I shall not be contributing to a flawed system. On the other side I have had to pay upwards of £21,000.00 in court fees to see my child who was deliberately denied me, based upon lies, which were later proven in court, the very same lies the csa wish to use as evidence. I discovered in family courts, that false allegations, innuendos, false statements, incompetant officials, and feminism are normal practice. It would seem that the csa is the evil wicked sister.

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  1. hi unfortunately nearly every body is in the same situation as you, you were born and given a birth certificate that states you are a human cash point machine, The csa is owned by god so no one is above them and the csa is run by the devil so you cant beat them. the csa are liars and always seem to loose important documents recorded or not, they commit fraud to recover monies from you even if you dont owe it and nobody is there to really help you. I even paid my ex wife private agreement up and over what the csa wanted as i wanted a good dad i got signed reciepts from ex wife even stating what I had paid and I was up to date blah blah but wen i lost my job last august she went to the csa i got another job in 2 months and i was over 500 in arrears and have threatening letters from them to take court action against me. the csa are the most nasty ruthless scum you will ever encounter . I wish you all the best.

  2. Unfortunately no opt out unless your ex agrees to come to a private agreement with you.

    Have you requested a copy of your file from the Agency? My partner did that and we were amazed at what we found. Letters sent to our current address 2 years before we moved here, assessments in place when he was in receipt of benefits, correspondence they told us they hadn’t received. It costs £10 to get this and you write to Data protection Unit, Newcastle. They have 40 days to give you a copy of your file.

    Your case sounds quite normal of the underhand tactics used by the Agency. Get your mp involved which will speed things up to have someone actually dealing with your case.

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