I’ve not received any CSA and I’m struggling

August 23, 2015

after a decade of c0mplete stress from ex, still he is allowed to control my life as name still on morgage. no fianancial aid at all. two kids ,only sees 1 a fortnight. also causing damage . and disputes with constant actions. to try to force sale to pay debts he has obtained.still i have no idea when,where or what is happeni8ng with my case, payments of 80 a week set by csa over a year ago not recieved anything. constant calls, letters.i have complained. told in hands of enforcement, its over six months since last contacted me.house needs repairs, want to just get on with life , can t sell, living on benefits which are constantly being stopped,for reasons that evovle issues that are highly complex,sensative. in debts caused by time issues of reciept of benefits, constant harressment,discrimintive is understatement to say least. children been made to pay for what seems to be a on going attack,need to ende this now. need aid ,asp.


  • Richie says:

    Here’s an idea …. Get a JOB!

  • Gonk says:

    Only hearing one side of the story here, HERS.
    And @ Samantha Matthews….quick to judge, calling him deadbeat. Maybe he struggling to make ends meet after having to leave the family house? Why should or how can he afford to rent and still pay his share of the mortgage AND pay csa. Maybe that’s why he tries to force the sale of it ? Maybe if the csa was to assess nrp’s ability to pay taking into consideration, outgoings etc, then maybe he could contribute a bit better towards his kids. Maybe his debt was the result of trying to build a better and more comfortable life for his family? Maybe she kicked him out and now expects him to pay back their family debt, his half of the mortgage, his rent and all his outgoings and pay the csa?
    I don’t know but as I said, this is just her side of the story and like most women on here, will tend to tell the story the way they want people to read it to get them to side with them…so Samantha Matthews, whilst I agree with your comment about how useless the csa is, but how do you conclude this bloke is a “deadbeat” ? By just her side of the story that’s how, as I said, she words in such a way that the obvious conclusion is…he’s a deadbeat.

  • eve32 says:

    @ Poppy Wilson did you not read her post? How have you jumped to the conclusion that the mother has a huge budget consisting of £80 a week from the dad. She explicitly said he has there has been no financial support to his two children for 10 years, you then question her lifestyle, implying that she is provided with more than the children need and has an extravagant lifestyle. Seriously?

    The father most definitely doesn’t want to help, thats evident from 10 years of not paying a penny towards his children. Disgusting and immoral behaviour, yet he’s the one that gets the pity party. No thought the financial hardship this may cause the children, of course not.

    If she sold the house, after 10 years of not contributing towards the mortgage he wouldn’t be entitled to much equity at all. If he had contributed to the mortgage and upkeep of the house then that would be different but it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

    Yes the CSA is useless it’s allowed a father to evade paying a penny towards his children for 10 years. But to the majority of people that post on here. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s somehow the mothers fault on this post.

  • Gonk says:

    Here’s another gobby so and so that also does not understand why fathers rant on here..I have to spell it out again Eva32. The majority of people that post on here DO NOT have a issue with paying for their kids a FAIR amount that enables them to have a life after the dreaded ex. It’s like dads are held to ransom for the rest of their lives for bringing kids into the world and where in a lot of cases the mother fucks off and yet the dad made out to be the criminal and “by hell” he’s going to pay for it.
    Yes the csa is useless. It allows the mother to piss away a fathers money the way she thinks and the csa do not give a shit.
    Yes the csa is useless, it allows a fathers home to be taken from him if he can’t pay ghost arrears…where the fuck does that help a child/father relationship if he’s homeless…but I guess in your eyes Eva32, that’s his fault. As I already said previously, maybe he is struggling to pay mortgage AND rent/bills AND csa, but I guess in your eyes that’s his fault as well
    Maybe because of the amount he will be bled by these vultures? He has no choice but to avoid them like the plague or be on the street.
    We can agree that the csa does nothing but drive parents apart and make them more bitter towards one another, they know this, that’s why they introduced another brainless idea called the cms. Start screwing both parties for using the service…but with a bigger sting in the tail as usual for the nrp, 20% charge on top but only 4% deducted from the pwc…but I guess in your eyes Eva32 that’s his fault as well.
    As far as financial hardship for the kids….lol..you wear those rose tinted specs as well….the csa don’t give a flying fuck about the kids, if they did, there would be something in place that ensured a nrp’s money actually was spent on the child. For example, my daughter couldn’t reply to my text last week because she had no fucking credit on her phone….no dam credit and I’m expected to swollow that horse shit. £300 a month nearly 4 grand a yr I’m forced to hand over to her mother and she can’t ensure she has credit on her phone so she can text her dad….that’s immoral and disgusting.

  • Gonk says:

    @ Eva32
    Oh and what poppy is saying is not jumping to conclusions..she didn’t say the mother WAS getting 80 pound a week from him. She said IF.
    she was making a point about bringing up the kids is a 50/50 arrangement so if he pays 80, so should she. But it don’t work like that. The mother gets all the benefits under the sun that she can and a big chunk of the ex’ s salary. Add it up..it ain’t rocket science. If he were to pay her £320 a month and his share of a mortgage for a house he’s not living in, say £300 ?? Then his rent, say £600-700, then all his bills, inc council tax running a car, let’s round that little lot off to another £500 min. So we are looking close to nearly 2 grand a month. Now you tell me why you think he’s scared to come forward, you tell me, it’s simple maths, how’s he supposed to live, how’s he meant to do what’s right for his kids if it means he is just working for fuck all each month. The bottom line is as poppy puts it. If they sold the house, got on with their lives and BOTH payed a fair amount that reflected each of their incomes? Then this mess might not be?

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