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I’ve moved abroad with assets still in UK, can CSA still pursue me?

I have been a slave to the CSA since my ex and I divorced in 2008. I have to say, the whole situation with them has been a dreadful ordeal. However, never one to get down…

I pay a massive amount of money to my ex for my two kids, which I really do not mind. This is done via attachment of earnings. I have not seen my two kids for four years as their Mother has poisoned them so much. I do, however believe in Karma!

I am now working for a Dubai based company (left my UK firm in December 2016). I had great pleasure in informing the CSA that I have left the UK, now a resident of the UAE and no intentions of coming back to the UK for a while. I also pointed out that I knew that the UAE was not part of the REMO thing they have.

They said that they will be carrying out investigations, which they can if they wish to. However, I have a few questions:

Can I still have a UK bank account in the UK? (they asked me this) I have a rented property in the UK still under contract, is this okay? (they wanted to know) Also, am I correct in thinking that as I have left the UK, they can not pursue me for CSA? The case is closed…

I have tried to make contact with the ex, however, constantly ignored my emails. I did tell the CSA I had this evidence.

Sorry for so many questions but the CSA have been dreadful and they simply do not give a sh1t!

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  1. Paid maintance every month .had my daughter every weekend and in still bringing up the ex gaughter.holidays .weekends away .days out but im still getting nailed by the ex.she even had me attacked and i nearly died as i was hit in the head with a machety .but the csa dont care

  2. Close your UK account.

    They have the power to just dig into that when they feel like it.

    Property…There’s ways around it. I’d suggest transferring into another family members name

  3. You don’t need to close your UK bank account but do not under any circumstances get your wages paid into it because the CSA have the power to take what they want without having to get any court orders or legal paperwork and they don’t have to prove you owe anything nor prove the amount you owe.

    Get your money paid into a bank in the UAE.

    I would sever all contact with the CSA – don’t tell them your plans. remember, they also have the power to take your passport off you.

  4. If you are out of the jurisdiction then they cannot pursue you for money if you live there and your interest are their then you are habitual residence in dubi the rented property may keep you habitual resident in the UK they can still make you pay

    (1)A child support officer shall have jurisdiction to make a maintenance assessment with respect to a person who is—

    (a)a person with care;

    (b)an absent parent; or

    (c)a qualifying child,

    only if that person is habitually resident in the United Kingdom.
    (2)Where the person with care is not an individual, subsection (1) shall have effect as if paragraph (a) were omitted.

    (3)The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision for the cancellation of any maintenance assessment where—

    (a)the person with care, absent parent or qualifying child with respect to whom it was made ceases to be habitually resident in the United Kingdom;

    (b)in a case falling within subsection (2), the absent parent or qualifying child with respect to whom it was made ceases to be habitually resident in the United Kingdom; or

    (c)in such circumstances as may be prescribed, a maintenance order of a prescribed kind is made with respect to any qualifying child with respect to whom the maintenance assessment was made.
    Read child support act 1991 on jurisdiction.
    Hope this helps.
    I fought the csa for 13 year and won everything.

  5. Similar to OP in some ways – would like some advice if possible.

    Messy divorce about 11 years ago. Wife took 75% of everything (about 70 grand she cleared). Then of course I started paying maintenance for my 2 girls. Access became less and less so I thought sod it. Packed my bags and set off for Asia. Been here 10 years.

    Suddenly, my eldest daughter, who is approaching her 16th birthday soon contacts me (last November). After breaking the ice, she tells me that she now lives with her grandparents (ex-in laws) because my ex-wife’s husband popped in her bedroom and tried to sexually assault her. Oddly, my ex sided with her hubby and thus kicked her own daughter out.

    After learning of this and the stress she is going through while the police (slowly) conduct their investigation, I thought I should go back to blighty to show my support. However, the ex contacts me via email, saying that she has a court order for unpaid maintenance totaling 21k and that I should think twice before returning. (I sense this could be a bluff but I just do not know)

    Having a family in Asia and a wife who is due to give birth in March ’17, I am in a bit of a fix as to what to do. Naturally, I don’t want to rock up at Heathrow and have the old bill there waiting for me.

    Could this happen do you think? I saw the above comment that the CSA have the power to take my passport which made my knees tremble.

    Any information would be most gratefully received.

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