I’ve lost loads of work but the CSA won’t reassess my case

May 25, 2013

I have been split up from my partner now for three and half years , I started paying her £100 pounds a week for the two children that was fine for a few months then the csa papers came through the door , they was all filled in and sent back to my amazement I only had to pay £46.00 pounds per week result I thought , then they got all my earnings mixed up over the years and have ended up with an arrears off £3000, nice.

They have taken me to court and now have to pay £75.00 pounds a week which I now cant afford to do. I am self employed and my work load has dropped off loads in the last year. When we split up I agreed to pay her £50000 and give her all the furnitur. She also works as a social worker, she knows all the tricks in the book. She is on a good income,much more than me.

I am now left with very little but she still wants more !! she came with nothing and left with a lot. The csa wont listen to my change in circumstances they still want £75.00 pounds a week , there must be something I can do ,I have my daughter 3 times a week she has told them I only have her once a week, so I cant even get that reduced on shared parenting