I’ve had a DNA test – when will I get the results?

November 27, 2013

I’ve done the dna test almost 4 weeks ago but still not heard the results from the csa or the dna testing company. What does this mean? Is there a time limit that they have to provide the results? I know they say it will be 10 days. I’ve pretty much not slept for the last couple of months over all this so just want to know whats happening.

The mother is and always has been a benefits scrounger so its not as though she’d have no reason to not have done the test herself but then again it would have to drag itself out of bed at a reasonable time so this could be why there’s a delay. I can’t imagine that she would waste any time in attending the test though as if I am the father then its more ‘free’ money for her to go with her benefits so it doesnt make sense for it to delay carrying out the test.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Mr Worried….


  • Lisa says:

    Usually cell mark have the results out within 10 days, if your ex hasn’t gone for the test then she will have her case closed, but be warned she can reopen it at anytime, though before a calculation is done a DNA test will have to be carried out, give cell mark a ring with the reference number on the letter they initially sent asking what’s happening they are straight forward

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